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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure used to save a tooth with a diseased nerve. This procedure allows a tooth to remain in the mouth whilst having its nerve removed.

Every tooth has a central nerve and blood supply – known as the pulp -which connects to your jaw bone. If the pulp, which provides nutrients to the tooth becomes damaged or diseased the pulp tissue can die.

At Simply Dental our Chatswood dentists have been providing root canal treatment for over 60 years.

Every tooth consists of 3 different layers. The outer layer & the hardest layer is enamel, the second layer is dentin. The 3rd is pulp, which is made up of the cavernous space where live tissue and the nerve of each tooth is located.

root canal treatmentIf the pulp space is exposed to the outer area, the tissue becomes contaminated and eventually infected. The exposure of pulp happens in many instances including when you have a fractured or broken tooth or potentially a large cavity. Your Chatswood dentist can help provide specific information regarding the circumstances surrounding your teeth.

Pulp damage can be caused by:
  • Decay (most common) – if you have a hole in your tooth which is deep enough to reach the nerve.
  • Infection – of the surrounding gum and bone leading to infection/damage of the pulp.
  • Broken tooth – which exposes the nerve. This usually follows trauma such as a sports injury or breaking a filling.

If the damaged pulp is not removed your tooth may get infection. This can lead to symptoms such as sore to touching or biting or sensitivity to hot/cold and sweet stimuli. Usually the pain is of a dull throbbing nature which continuously gets worse. Left untreated, this may lead to loss of the tooth.

When a tooth is infected a root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth (expect for extraction).

A root canal treatment usually compromises of 3 stages:

Stage 1: Removing the nerve from the root canal of the tooth. Often this is done when the patient is already in pain.

Stage 2: Main objective is to file and shape the root canals where the nerve/pulp tissue once occupied. The purpose of this is to remove all bacteria from inside the tooth effectively making the tooth bacteria free and also reshape the root canal system so they can be properly filled.

Stage 3: After preparing the canals, the root canal system is sealed with a rubber based material which prevents bacteria from reinfecting the tooth.

In most cases, a root canal tooth will require a dental crown. This is usually because the tooth becomes quite weak and can fracture easily. Another common side effect of Root Canal Treatment is discolouration of the tooth which can be easily treated with a crown (cap over the tooth).

Root canal treatment is the process of going inside the pulp space to remove the dean and infected tissue. The affected area is then disinfected and sealed with special materials.

Root canal treatments are performed with advanced techniques utilising hygienic materials, making them far more effective & comfortable.

Once a patients Root Canal Treatment has been completed, your dentist will discuss the options available to safeguard your tooth. Safeguarding your tooth from fractures and any other issues is very important. A dental crown is usually places on your tooth post root canal procedure takes place.

When a tooth is infected a root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth. We recommend coming in for a check-up to discuss the best solution for you. In some instances tooth extraction might be the best

In some instances tooth extraction might be the best option however we do everything possible to avoid this. If you believe this might be required find out immediately

Simply Dental Chatswood can help you find out more about root canal treatments & tooth extractions, you can read more about this by clicking here

If you have any questions about root canal treatment and you live in Sydney or around Chatswood give us a call today!

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