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Upgrade Your Oral Health

Proper dental hygiene is essential for good, long-term oral health and gives you the confidence to smile bright whenever the occasion calls.

Yet, according to the Australian Health Policy Collaboration’s Oral Health Tracker, less than half of all Australians brush their teeth twice a day, leading to rampant tooth decay and loss in addition to a host of other physical and mental maladies.

Lady practising oral hygiene

Do you have sore swollen gums, stained, yellowing teeth or offensive bad breath that turns heads?

Do you lack the confidence to get out and go or feel too embarrassed to get close and cuddle?

If so you may have poor dental hygiene habits and the way you’re currently brushing, rinsing and flossing is actually doing harm to your mouth, teeth and gums.

After many years as Chatswood’s premier family dentists, we’ve seen it time and time again…

If you want clean, sparkling teeth, pink, healthy gums and fresh breath that makes a great first impression, it’s vital that you commit to a daily dental hygiene routine.

Experts agree good oral health is an important part of your overall health and helps prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, which can result in a number of other more serious health problems like heart attacks, stroke and diabetic complications.

Keep your teeth, gums and entire mouth in pristine condition with daily dental hygiene habits. We also have a team of qualified dentists in Willoughby for your dental needs.

Here are 5 daily tips for improving your oral health and reducing your odds of suffering from gum disease, oral cancer and offensive bad breath: