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Dental Implants

Improve Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental Implants need to be seriously considered if you have lost any teeth. There are few things more frustrating than wanting to break out smiling or laughing only to keep your mouth closed because of missing and damaged teeth. In addition to not being able to enjoy the confidence that a big toothy smile gives, you also then have to deal with the emotional stress, depression, and unease that comes from not being able to just freely enjoy the moment.

This goes well beyond the aesthetic. A healthy mouth also generally means a healthier heart, and there's no denying that when you feel free to laugh or smile you are going to feel better emotionally. This means less stress and better health.

Even beyond that, everyone deserves a beautiful smile and the confidence that brings to every social situation!

Steps And Procedures For Tooth Implant In Sydney

How can Dental Implants help?

Dental technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and you might be surprised just how good your smile can end up looking with implant work, no matter how bad the current look or damage might be. Dental implants are artificial replacements not only for the teeth that everyone sees, but also create crucial replacements for the roots of missing teeth that aren't there anymore, either.

With a solid anchor that fuses with the actual jaw bone, your dental implants will be solidly in place and look completely natural. They can be used to replace a single tooth, several single teeth throughout different parts of the mouth, or even multiple teeth. In fact, getting partial or full dentures permanently attached to your jaw is also an option to replace entire sections of missing teeth or introducing a completely new smile when all the teeth need to go.

There's never been a better time to have a damaged smile repaired and restored to its full glory.

Pre-Process Preparation Since implants are going to be customized for each individual patient, the preparation pre-surgery is extremely important. When you visit a dentist you need to talk about getting implant work done and have a basic checkup that looks at the amount of damage done, if any other teeth need to be removed, and get an idea of what type of implants are going to be the best fit for your specific needs.

In addition to figuring out all this information, you will get up to date dental x-rays that give a clear sense of what your mouth looks like, what type of spaces your dentist will be working with, and that will give the information needed to customize the implants to fit perfectly in your mouth and make the teeth look as good as they used to...or even better in many cases!

Tooth Implant Process - 3 Step Guide

Getting dental implants is a three part process once the initial preparation work is done to get a patient ready for their new implants. No matter how extensive the work, the process is going to remain the same and understanding how it works can put many people at ease.

Part #1: Put In The Jaw Implants To get proper artificial teeth it is important to know that there are multiple parts to the artificial teeth, and part one is all about the jaw implants. These and implanted into the top of the jaw bone deep in the gums, and a screw is put in each one to prevent food debris from entering and causing dry sockets or possible infections. The goal here is to get the implant (made from titanium or another type of metal that is safe to have in the human body) to fuse with the upper part of the jaw bone.

This happens naturally, though if the old teeth have been removed for quite some time you may have to deal with getting bone grafted in since the jaw bone underneath where you used to have teeth can disappear over time in some situations.

Normally the process takes 3 to 6 months for the implant to actually fuse with the jaw bone, and during that time the gums will be secured over the implant to set the base for phase two.

Part #2: Post Extensions Are Attached The implants in the jawbone are the base for the artificial teeth. Next comes the posts. These are extensions that are attached to the anchored implants. These are where the custom cut artificial teeth are going to sit on to help restore that healthy and beautiful smile. The post sits there until the gum tissue heals around it. This allows the implant and post to act as a solid foundation for the new tooth, and the gums will naturally surround it like they do the other teeth in your mouth.

Many patients point to this as one of the more uncomfortable parts of the process, but it is well worth it for the restoration work that follows. This process generally doesn't take nearly as long as part one, meaning the process actually feels like it speeds up at this point, getting you all the closer to those perfect replacement teeth and the smile that will follow.

Part #3: Proper Crowns Are Attached Once the full foundation is ready then it is time to get the proper crowns attached to finish off the surgery and give you artificial teeth that are designed to go decades with relatively little maintenance. They look at size, shape, and color not only of the individual teeth being put in but they consider all of these factors in relation to the healthy teeth left in your mouth.

The goal here is to make your overall smile as natural, healthy-looking, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. By taking a big picture approach you won't have to worry about an individual tooth looking way out of place or those artificial replacement teeth being obviously fake in a way that sticks out.

Once the proper crowns are attached, your smile is restored at that moment and ready to go. You're ready to eat, to socialize, to bust out into a big bell laugh with teeth showing. This is the final part of the process and the one that, as a patient, you have spend months working on and waiting for.

The unspoken fourth part of this process is to simply enjoy - and to enjoy the surge of confidence that comes with having the best smile of your life.

Regain Confidence With A Bright Smile Nothing beats being able to flash a big toothy smile at a party with confidence. Don't hide your smile anymore, don't stifle your laughter because you're ashamed of damaged or missing teeth. Experienced professional oral surgeons can not only give you your smile back but also often can shape current and replaced teeth in a way that give you a fall better smile than you may have ever had at any point in your life.

This isn't a small thing. Take the first steps today to call and connect with our professionals so we can get you on the road to regaining your confidence with a bright smile.

Regain your confidence with a bright smile today!

Dental Implants are often an effective long term solution, If you need advice on the best treatment for you call our dental team for a thorough consultation.

When you make an appointment to meet our implant specialist you will be taken through a step-by-step process where you will gain a deeper understanding of how our tooth implant procedures are conducted.

Throughout your consultation at Simply Dental Chatswood, our implant specialist in Chatswood will discuss the examination with you to help identify the most suitable course of action.

If you have missing teeth, dental implants could the best solution for you. our team of dentists in Chatswood can help establish the best treatment that provides bright, healthy new teeth.

We have the latest technology and experienced dentists to help you replace missing teeth and replacing the root of your natural teeth. Our implants bond with bone to create a strong foundation for the permanent replacement tooth.

It's never too late to get that smile back - Contact our specialist Dental & Tooth Implant team today

Our Dental implant costs vary based on the amount of teeth that are missing. Treatment is an improved option for missing teeth. This is an effective solution and a great alternative to dentures & dental bridges so call our team today to find out more.

Regain your confidence and bright smile with our cost-effective tooth implant treatment. Find out more about our tooth implant process by calling our team today.

Dental implants are a permanent prosthetic which is made from medical grade titanium & at times zirconium. The implant acts as a replacement to the existing root which helps stabilise the tooth.

You will notice that implants from us also restores functionality and helps support facial structure by retaining the jawbone in the very best condition.

Dental Implants Chatswood Sydney

If you are considering tooth implants our Chatswood dentist will need you to come in for a thorough check-up and clean to identify the foundation and work through the best solution. Our specialist dentist needs to work through the blood vessels, nerves & bone tissue for the best results.

Once we have placed the implants you will then require a crown or potentially a denture. Either of these options will be done if your front tooth is getting an implant. Back teeth do not require any additional treatment, its safe to leave the implant and monitor in the healing stages.

Our Simply Dental implants have a huge success rate, this will be taken into account in the initial consultation and is based on the health of your gums & the surrounding tissue.

How do you fix your smile if you are you missing teeth?

In our experience patients experience a lack of confidence, embarrassment & of course adverse impacts on your oral health. If you replace your teeth with implants you can get that smile back and the functionality you once had. For the best implant treatment in Chatswood - Sydney contact us today!

Contact our dentist Chatswood to learn more about tooth implant treatment in our comfortable Chatswood clinic.

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Beth Esdale 2 weeks ago
 My children (ages 5 and 7) and I always enjoy going to Simply Dental. Dr. Gupta is skilled and professional and has given us some great tips on oral hygiene. The office is clean and attractive, and my kids love that they get to watch Netflix while they're getting their teeth cleaned! We highly recommend this practice for children or adults.

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 Very friendly dental clinic that is easily accessible. Been coming for regular check ups for 2 years and each time the appointment has been quick and efficient. You never have to wait long and any questions are quickly answered. The equipment seems to be updated quite often which definitely helps get the same clean feeling with a reduced cleaning time.

Jimi Khan Local Guide · 60 reviews · 96 photos 3 months ago
 Dr Sakshi is fantastic and the team @simplydental are Really nice

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 I had a fabulous experience visiting the clinic. The staff is friendly and the clinic has 3-D X-ray. Dr. Gupta handled my complicated case professionally and with utmost care. Very thankful to the staff and highly recommend for everyone!

Katie Stone 2 weeks ago
 Dr. Sakshi Gupta and the team at Simply Dental very professional and friendly. I go for checkups twice a year and find Sakshi gives a personal service and always makes me feel as comfortable as possible. The clinic is conveniently located and I have never been kept waiting when I have an appointment.

Charles Ciputra 13 reviews · 1 photo a month ago
 I have been coming here for 2 years. Friendly staff and excellent dentist. Highly recommended if you are looking for a dentist around the area.

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 Great Dentist and believe me as someone who hates going Sakshi and the team are awesome. She is chatty and technically great. Even puts on Netflix for my 5 yr old to watch. Can't rate her more highly.

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 Absolutely professional in every sense of the word. Such friendly service and realistic fees. I most highly recommend this dental practice.

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