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Give Us 1 Hour And We Will Change Your Smile Forever!

Don’t you just love when you leave the dentist feeling brand new with a smile you can’t wait to show off?

At Simply Dental Chatswood we believe the world deserves to see your smile each and every day. We also have a team of qualified dentists in Willoughby for your dental needs.

If a dental issue is keeping you or someone in your family from smiling the way they should, give us an hour of your time and when we’re through you’ll know for sure you’ve finally found the last dentist you’ll ever need.

That alone will make you smile, but your hour with us will be so well spent, you’ll know with confidence that you and your family’s oral health is in the best hands possible.

Here's How It Works

2 mins

Book Your Appointment

Call us on (02) 9419 5506 and ask us to book for New Patient Comprehensive Exam. It only takes 2 minutes to reserve your guaranteed appointment time.
5-10 mins

Arrival And Welcome

When you walk-in at your preferred time, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly front office staff, given a quick induction and provided a medical history form to complete on an iPad. If you prefer a paper form, simply let us know. You will then be greeted by a clinical staff and escorted to your private screening room. No wasting time and no worrying about what to do next.
15-20 mins


You’re special, we already know that. But what is it deep down that you want your dentist to help you accomplish? Do you have specific concerns or wide-eyed goals you’ve been keeping to yourself? Now is the time to tell us all about your hopes, dreams and even fears. Don’t worry, everyone has a few.
10-15 mins

Comprehensive Clinical Exam

Our dentist will then walk you through all of your available avenues, from least invasive to life altering, educating you to the pros and cons of each so you can make the very best decision for your needs and perform this initial 10-step clinical exam to help you avoid any future oral issues:

  • Review Your Medical And Dental History
  • Discuss Your Main Complaint
  • Head and Neck Exam
  • TMJ Exam
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Occlusion Exam
  • Periodontal Exam
  • Hard Tissue Exam
  • Chart Tooth Shade
  • Take Low Dosage X-Rays & Create Diagnostic Records Of Your Teeth
15-20 mins

Treatment Planning

Armed with the proper information, it’s time to review your treatment options, choose the one that’s right for you and begin planning out the next phases of your specific procedures to give you a complete bird’s eye view and eliminate any future confusion. If your needs are simple you may receive a hygienic teeth cleansing to get you on with your day feeling fresh. Otherwise you’ll book a second appointment that’s convenient for you to start the regimen of restoring your teeth to their proper glory.

On-Time Appointments

Why waste time waiting for other dentists to call your number? Skip the waiting room and go straight to the head of the line.

Love Your Dentist

Why risk the normal pain of dental work when you can get the perfect smile, pain free, from start to finish, now and in the future? Never dread the dentist again.

Top Rated

Check the reviews, then see for yourself what makes Simply Dental Chatswood the best dentist in Sydney and the last dentist you and your family will ever need.


Give Us 1 Hour And We’ll Change Your Smile Forever!