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We are conveniently located on Victoria Ave directly across Chatswood Place shopping centre on Hercules St.

Other than free street parking, 3-hours free parking in available at Chatswood Place shopping centre next door. Enter from Oscar Street and park on B3. Walk through the shops and on to Victoria Ave. Turn right and we are right across Hercules Street.

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You lead a busy lifestyle. Don’t give yourself more reasons to stress, especially when it comes to your health.

If you need to make positive changes to your oral health, the time is now — and our professional dentists at Simply Dental Chatswood near Willoughby are here to help. For dentistry work of the highest quality and experienced professionals you can count on our experienced dentistry professionals for the highest quality dental service.

A Comprehensive Service Experience

Replace your missing teeth, take advantage of our exceptional dental implants. For a bright-white, luxurious smile, check into our teeth whitening options. Consider dental check-ups and cleanings twice a year to avoid dental problems overall. No matter what your reason, making an appointment with Simply Dental Chatswood located near Willoughby today will guarantee a stress-free environment for taking care of your oral health needs.  

We offer cost-effective solutions and payment plan support as well, so there’s financial help to be found for nearly any patient’s situation. After all, we aim to serve our community with only the best in oral check-ups, cleanings and treatments to effectively give everyone the dazzling smile they deserve.

Our offices are even equipped with music and movie choices at your convenience, to divert your attention away while your procedures are completed. You’ll practically be experiencing a spa treatment in a dentistry setting — not many can say that while attending a dentist appointment!

So indulge in a relaxing environment at our dentist office while also bettering your dental health.

Need a New Place for Regular Checkup and Cleaning?

Dental checkupIt’s no secret that everyone should be vigilant in taking care of their teeth. That means sticking to a 6-monthly dentist cleaning schedule throughout your life. We offer everything you’ll need to maintain your winning smile, including the initial check-up, X-rays, cleanings, polishings, and fluoride treatment your teeth will be happy to receive.

If you’re a new patient, our dentists will perform an extensive oral exam, including a check of your soft tissues like the tongue, cheeks, inside of the lips and the roof/floor of the mouth. This is necessary for discovering any potential growths, discolouration, and more.

Then, our professional staff will examine each individual tooth for decay, including any previous dentistry work like existing tooth fillings or dental crowns and bridge. Periodontal screenings will also take place, checking the gum-line for bleeding or disease. Finally, X-rays will be taken to diagnose any further problems in areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Once the exam has taken place, the cleaning will begin whereby our supportive dentists staff will remove any tartar and plaque, apply fluoride for preventative care and share their findings with you for any necessary ailments that need addressing in future appointments. You can receive all of this treatment, in a comfortable setting, simply by making a phone call to Simply Dental Chatswood’s Willoughby office at your earliest convenience.

We Offer Exceptional Children’s Dentistry Service

Childrens dentist willoughby

While dentists appointments may never be a pleasure for kids, it’s vital for your children to receive dentistry treatments during their growing years.

Our experts understand a child’s reluctance to sit in a dentist’s chair That’s why we make sure to give them a happy, stress-free experience to calm their nerves. We want your children to have reason to keep coming back to our friendly office, receiving oral hygiene treatments and tips to guide them through a long, happy life of dentistry excellence.

If financial issues are holding you back, not to worry: your child may be eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), and we’ll help you through the process to save you the stress of expensive payments.

The Simply Dental Chatswood near Willoughby team has all the expertise, experience and knowledge to provide your entire family with the greatest dental care available. We can advise helpful solutions for life-long care, starting from preventive treatments like using a soft, damp, warm cloth on your baby’s gums, to securing first molars with necessary sealants around ages 6-8.

It’s recommended that you start a consistent dental plan for your kid’s oral health anywhere between ages 5 and 12 months, when your child’s first teeth erupt. It’s also encouraged for our patients to bring their children in on a regular schedule, so we may assess their mouth structure and identify any early signs of dental growth or potential problems.

Want your child to have the greatest oral health care available on the North Shore? Bring them into our Simply Dental Chatswood office and our friendly, professional staff can help you along every step of the way.

Experiencing a Dental Emergency that Requires Immediate Help?

Emergency dentist willoughby

Accidents happen to everyone, and dental mishaps aren’t immune to this dilemma.

Even if you think your dental problems aren’t bad enough to need treatment, toothache or gum swelling is as uncomfortable as a health issue can be. For the times when your dental pain becomes unbearable, Simply Dental Willoughby are only a phone call away. We always accept emergency patients and will do our best to give you necessary relief, even with short notice.

So whether it’s a simple toothache or a case of knocked out or missing teeth, our dedicated team are on hand to look after you and determine the right solution.

While we try to leave room for emergency patients on a daily basis, any emergency treatments required outside of normal business hours will result in an added fee. For more information, give our office a call today and we’ll gladly answer any of your questions, finding you the best option for your situation.

To take preventative measures to avoid accidents, or simply regard care more diligently in your daily life, rely on mouth guards during contact sports to protect your teeth from damage. Furthermore, avoid using your teeth to open containers or household objects, and prevent cracked teeth by ignoring certain foods like hard candies, or even chewing on ice blocks.

If you’re undergoing a dental emergency, our office will give you the assistance you need in record time.

Give the Simply Dental Chatswood near Willoughby team a call now to make an appointment you won’t soon forget.