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Are stained, broken, missing or chipped teeth crushing your confidence?

If you’re having trouble flashing your smile or feeling intimate as the result of tooth decay, trauma or natural wear, then cosmetic dentistry may be the solution you seek.

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Why Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

As we get older, proper and consistent dental care becomes more and more vital.
In addition to embarrassing and confidence-killing cosmetic degradation, the effects of aging increase the risks of oral-related illnesses, including:


Gum Disease

Bacterial plaque and tartar buildup as the result of poor brushing and flossing habits or skipping regular dental appointments is the leading cause of gum disease and can cause irreparable damage to your teeth, jawbone and support structures if left untreated.
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Oral Cancer

Thousands of Australians are diagnosed with oral cancers of the throat, tongue, and mouth each and every year, with men over the age of 40 facing the greatest risk.  Did you know your Chatswood dentist is the person most likely to discover the warning signs of oral cancer during routine dental checkups?

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Deep Tooth Decay

Over time, dental fillings can wear down, allowing food, bacteria and other debris to infiltrate the root and leave you susceptible to permanent, deep tooth decay that causes persistent pain, bite discomfort and mild gum diseases like gingivitis.

It’s not just about physical health!

Cosmetic dentistry can also greatly improve your mental health, as well, by giving you back the confidence you may have lost as the result of:

Being Unhappy With Your Smile

When you’re not happy with your smile, you’re less likely to enjoy the little things in life and gain the healthy benefits that come from smiling, like being in a better mood, lower blood pressure, stronger immune functions and a longer life!

Cracked, Chipped Or Broken Teeth

Traumatic injuries and poor dental hygiene are the usual culprits behind cracked and broken teeth, but there’s no need to suffer. Put the pain, discomfort and embarrassment in the past fast with one of the common cosmetic dental procedures below.

Stained Or Discolored Teeth

Have you tried everything imaginable to brighten your stained, yellowed teeth, with little or no effect? Cosmetic dentistry can provide the dramatic results you want without the long-term commitment and disappointment of over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Misaligned, Uneven Or Gaps In Teeth

Having a gap in your teeth may be one of your defining features, but if it’s causing you self-esteem issues or keeping you from being your confident best, you’re probably a perfect candidate for non-orthodontic cosmetic dentistry. Read on to find out…

What Are The Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Do you dread the dentist? Don’t worry if you do, it’s a common fear that most get over after visiting Simply Dental.

That’s because we perform all dental procedures with the patience, expertise and care you deserve, putting your pain and discomfort in the past, where it belongs so you can move on with your life feeling your absolute best.

Here are just a few of the quick, secure, durable solutions Simply Dental can provide to fully restore your smile, give you back your confidence and help you feel at ease with intimacy:

We Are The Top Cosmetic Dental clinic!

If you suffer from any of the common dental problems above or believe you can gain from the long-term health and wellness benefits of cosmetic dentistry, schedule your VIP appointment with Simply Dental and see why so many Chatswood residents rely on us for their routine and cosmetic dental need.

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