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Children’s Dentistry

Bulk Billing Available for Kids Dentist Appointments

Kids Dentist
FREE Child Dental Benefit Scheme (GDBS)
Bulk Billed Children’s Dentistry We gladly participate in Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) offering bulk-billed services to children under this scheme.

We believe that a child’s dental visit should be a happy and stress free visit.

Our dentists recommend that children start visiting the dentist as soon as they get their first few teeth.

This makes a child feel more comfortable in the dental chair and prepares them for a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

Baby (milk) teeth are very important and need to be looked after. If they are not looked after, your child has a greater risk of having tooth decay as a adult as well as having orthodontic (crowding) problems.

You may not know but your child may be eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). Click here for more details.

Children's Dentistry is a key focus at Simply Dental Chatswood. Oral health starts at a young age, getting kids into good habits is the catalyst for a bright healthy smile.

Your child's teeth are so important & brushing twice a day and flossing regularly will go a long way to prevent dental issues. We have created an interesting article which helps make brushing more fun & enjoyable - find out more here.

Our Sydney Dentist team has the expertise, experience & knowledge to provide your whole family with dental care. We provide a thorough examination upon a check-up & clean which includes X-Rays to help identify any concerns. With this process we are able to implement solutions to prevent gum disease, tooth decay & dental treatments.

We will also provide helpful tips for maintaining a bright smile. Guidance on effective at-home oral hygiene, and preventive treatments such as sealants from age 6-8 for first molars. We may also provide suggestions around dietary habits which help facilitate excellent oral health as your child grows.

Children dentistry involves specific maintenance & care as they grow from infancy into adolescent years. During the different stages of life, the approach to dental care will change based on their unique requirements. Our dentist team tailor our dental care to avoid current and future dental problems.

Babies teeth actively form before they are born, which is done below the gums. We recommend you start to plan for your kids dental care anywhere between ages 5-12 months which is you can expect first teeth to become visible. At the infancy stages you can protect your babies early forming teeth using a soft, damp, warm cloth on their gums. The first teeth to grow will be the bottom teeth at the very front.

Healthy teeth are important at every stage of life, especially infancy. As your child develops, healthy teeth are necessary for functional chewing, as well as the development of clear speech. We encourage our patients to bring their children in around the time they turn two years old, so that we may assess their mouth structure and identify early signs of dental growth & potentially problems.

Simply Dental Chatswood is focused on providing a fun, caring environment to ensure a visit to the dentist is a positive experience. Drop into our clinic for any children dentistry advice.

Contact us to arrange your kids dental check-up if your in Sydney today!

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ONSW Admininistration 3 weeks ago
 Very gentle, but still does a great removal of calculus & plaque and thorough examination of your teeth!

Scott Elkington a month ago
I've been using Simply Dental as my dental clinic for two years now, and it's been great. Professional, smooth, and easy, whether it's a check up or an appointment. Definitely recommended.

beelall bhurtun 3 months ago
The service is very good. Good reminder before appointment time. Very friendly atmosphere. Good staff very welcoming. Also very good dental work.

SHIVAM GROVER 3 months ago
The experience was amazing. Sakshi is very thorough in her methods and truly refines one's dental experience.

Evie Bacewicz 3 months ago
Very professional and thorough, Dr Sakshi took her time and made sure everything was pain free and gentle.

Pow Chin 5 months ago
Dr Sakshi is the best dentist I know - friendly and gentle, her treatments are painless. Her clinic has the latest equipment and she has good knowledge of the latest products and technology.

Amy Leung 5 months ago
The team here are very professional and friendly. Dr Sakshi provides excellent dental service and explains things thoroughly so that I know what is happening. The clinic is clean and comfortable; overall highly recommended.

Chris M 6 months ago
The team at Simply Dental, Chatswood are really great at what they do. I was a new patient this year, and immediately felt welcome and comfortable. They talked me through everything that needed to be done, and after my first visit I was already feeling great. They also provided advice about what else I could do to improve my dental health. Very professional!

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