How Acid On Teeth Can Damage Your Smile

Enamel under attack

Sugar and acid go hand in hand when it comes to damage to your teeth. The more you consume sugar and acidic, the higher chance your oral health will suffer from enamel erosion through acid attacks. The nutrients contained in your enamel will also erode, meaning acid on teeth can increase the risk of tooth decay.

Unfortunately, the drinks we like contains preservatives that are not healthy for us. Let’s take a look at how acid on teeth can cause damage.

An image showing enamel damage

Low pH Level

Drinks with a lower pH level is an indication that they are highly acidic. Look no further than soft drinks which contain a low pH level. This is can cause enamel demineralization, meaning your teeth will become at risk of decay and cavities.

Bacteria Build-Up

Another danger of acid on teeth through the consumption of acidic drinks is the harmful bacteria build-up in the mouth. This causes dental plaque to build and coat around your teeth. Sugar and bacteria will then combine to form an acid attack, damaging your enamel and making your teeth vulnerable to other harmful chemicals.


During the process of enamel erosion, the chemicals and substances that penetrate past your enamel can cause your tooth shade to darken. This is especially if you’re a strong soda and coffee drinker. Once the enamel is exposed, so is the underlying dentin which causes dark stains to form on your teeth. It will be difficult to restore the whiteness in your smile without a trip to the dentist for an in-office professional teeth whitening service.


When the underlying dentin becomes exposed, your teeth will become sensitive to hot and cold foods and temperatures. This will require an appointment at the dentist because this may also introduce infections if the pulp is exposed. The pulp sits behind the outer layer of the dentin and can lead to tooth decay.

A lady holding a glass of water

What Drinks Can I Have To Avoid Acid On Teeth?

Instead of regularly drinking sodas and hot drinks, start incorporating the following in your diet:

  • High volumes of water
  • Black coffee and black tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Milk (Oat and Soya)

Alcohol is also a culprit for poor oral health and should be reduced. If you want your teeth to show off a strong smile, then ensure you replace any acidic drinks to avoid acid on teeth.

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