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Simply Dental Chatswood is the best dental clinic in East Ryde and other neighbouring suburbs. Our clinic is composed of skilled dental professionals who work together to provide the highest quality service. We use the latest tools and innovations in the dental field so that our patients will feel safe and confident in our hands. Visit us today, and we will come up with the best treatment plan for you.

General Dentistry Services from Dentist East Ryde

We use the latest technology for our general dental services. These procedures can cater to the needs of patients of all ages:

  1. Root canal treatment - Some patients are afraid of getting root canal treatment, but we highly recommend undergoing one if you are suffering from extreme tooth pain. The procedure works by removing the tooth pulp and nerve, thus eliminating the source of pain.
  2. Tooth extraction - In cases when a tooth can no longer be saved from damage, we recommend getting it removed. Tooth extraction is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that prevents extensive decay from worsening and affecting nearby teeth and gums.
  3. Dental implants - If you want to restore the chewing power of your teeth, dental implants are just what you need. These prosthetic tooth roots are embedded into the gums to give strength to artificial teeth.
  4. Snoring and sleep disorder - Get rid of your snoring or sleep apnea with the help of our services. We diagnose and treat these oral problems to help you get a better night’s sleep.
  5. Dental emergency - In times of extreme tooth pain, you can rely on us to provide immediate treatment. Give us a call to get one of our emergency dental appointments.
  6. Check-up and clean - A dental check-up answers most of our questions when it comes to determining patients’ oral health. We also recommend getting a professional clean twice a year to prevent any issues from worsening.
  7. Children's dentistry - We’re all about the dental health of our kids. From their first toothbrush to advanced orthodontics, we make sure that they're cavity-free and smiling brightly.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services from Dentist East Ryde

To get a bright and beautiful smile, our clinic offers the following cosmetic dental services:

  1. Crowns - When the damage to the tooth is extensive, the best choice to cover it up is with a crown. Dental crowns can cover the whole tooth structure. We highly recommend getting a crown after root canal treatment.
  2. Bridges - With the use of bridges, we can restore single missing teeth effectively. Bridges sit atop adjacent crowns and help regain the structure and function of the tooth.
  3. Teeth whitening - If you're embarrassed to show your discoloured teeth, we offer a safe and effective professional in-home kit that can make them up to 8 shades lighter.
  4. Dental fillings - Using dental fillings, we can restore your tooth’s original structure and colour. Fillings work best for covering up cavities, worn down teeth, and even discolouration.
  5. Veneers - For damaged front teeth, we recommend using veneers because of their aesthetic appeal. These are made of thin porcelain materials that adhere to the surface of the front tooth.

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