Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

what are wisdom teeth & why do people need them removed?

Wisdom teeth are the name of the last and third molars that happen on both sides of both your jaws. If you count, they’re the eighth tooth on both the right and left of the upper and lower jaws. They normally show up and then erupt when someone is in their late teens or early twenties, although it varies.

What do I need to do if I need mine taken out?

Call our friendly team in Chatswood from anywhere in the Sydney area. You can schedule a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss the wisdom teeth removal process & identify the best course of action for your oral health.

We’ll do a dental assessment of your wisdom teeth during your first visit. Normally, this involves an OPG, which is a specialised X-ray. More complicated cases might involve a 3D CBCT scan. These give our Dentists a good chance of seeing exactly where in your jaw your wisdom teeth are placed, and then they can clearly advice you what to expect both during and then after your surgery.

Our goal is to ensure that people in Sydney around Chatswood will be provided with simple, painless, risk-free, and effective dental care as possible. We pair you with our head dentist who has years of experience with wisdom teeth removal and after care support.

Do I need to see a specialist to get wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are able to erupt in many different positions, each with its own level of complexity in terms of removal. They might even get buried deep into your jawbone or too close to critical facial structures like sinuses or nerves.

Whereas most removal procedures are possibly carried out by one of our general dentists, more complicated cases might require us to get an oral & maxillofacial surgical specialist involved so the process remains effective and with minimal risk.

What exactly do wisdom tooth removal procedures in Chatswood involve?

You’ll have an initial consultation with a specialist or dentist at one of our Sydney locations. In this meeting, you’ll be given clear ideas of what you should be ready for, as well as the probable duration of the specific procedure. Specific options about how your wisdom teeth are going to be removed get discussed in deep detail, and your own personal preferences do matter here.

The anaesthesia used for fillings is often the same local anaesthesia we use in removing a tooth or multiple teeth. If you are at all nervous about this procedure, arrangements can be made for sleep or sedation dentistry.

The actual procedure is typically carried out with you in a dental chair. Alternatively, more complicated cases might get booked for outpatient or day surgery under general anaesthesia in an actual hospital setting.

What do I need to do following the removal of wisdom teeth?

Some small bleeding will normally happen, along with some bruising and discomfort. However, the majority of patients fully recover from all of this.

The recovery time following this sort of extraction is a variable one, depending on the patient and the complexity of each situation. Simple tooth removals might mean recovery time lasting only a day, but more complex cases might mean up to a week.

Our expert team provides you very clear instructions that very day so you know how to care for yourself following the surgery. We’re also always available for post-operative care should problems arise.

In general, your surgeon or dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment in the Sydney area, if not Chatswood itself, to make sure that your healing is going well.

If you have any form of pain in your teeth in line with the above then give you Sydney Dental clinic in Chatswood a call now to book an appointment.

You can find more information on Wisdom Teeth & the extraction process here


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