What Every Patient Should Know About Root Canal Symptoms

Obturation of root canals during endodontic treatment. Modern technology

These days, not everyone likes to have a root canal, but most people know that it is the most effective healing method if one has a painful dental issue. Most of the pain the patients feel is not from the root canal but is caused by the ailment that the root canal will fix. Root canal therapy offers several benefits, including tooth restoration, pain elimination, boosted health, root canal longevity prevention of other health problems and enhanced smile appearance. Therefore, it is important to know some of the symptoms of a root canal.

What are the Causes of a Root Canal?

There could be many reasons for root canal infection, but bacteria penetration into the pulp always remains the primary problem. One can determine the reasons for root canal infections through how the bacteria invade the tooth pulp. The following are the causes of root canal infection.

  • A damaged or a cracked tooth
  • Dental decay
  • Tooth displacements caused by intrusion, extrusion or subluxation
  • Abnormality in tooth anatomy allows bacteria to infect the pulp tissue
  • The same tooth having repeated dental treatments

How to Avoid a Root Canal Requirement?

When you need a root canal, it is a clear sign that you didn’t properly care for your oral health. There is also a possibility that your teeth may have yet to go through a proper health routine or you have been skipping dental appointments. Other than that, consuming a diet that might be bad for the mouth’s health can be another reason.

If you want to avoid a root canal, then the best way is to keep your teeth in the best possible shape. You will have dental issues at some stage, but you can significantly reduce the severity, probability and frequency by keeping a healthy routine and going to the dentist on time.

Common Root Canal Symptoms?

  • Extreme Toothache

Persistent pain in and around the tooth is one of the significant symptoms of a root canal. This pain could be on the tooth’s surface or deep in the jaw or bones. While tooth pain signals that you need a root canal, several other ailments can also cause it.

  • Sensitivity to Hot & Cold Food or Drinks

If you feel discomfort after having hot drinks like coffee or cold things like ice cream, your nerves are exposed and damaged, and you may need a root canal. Hot and cold liquids can enter the small holes and irritate the exposed nerves. The only effective treatment to reduce this pain is the root canal.

  • Damage to One or Multiple Teeth

When you have cracked or chipped teeth, there is a chance that the sensitive interior and the nerves get exposed, and they could be prone to infection. If the broken tooth is the reason for the condition, then your dentist will suggest a root canal to remove it so that your oral health is restored.

  • Pain When Applying Pressure to the Tooth

It doesn’t matter whether you are brushing, eating or applying pressure on the tooth; the pain can strongly indicate tooth decay or a damaged nerve. Usually, mild toothaches occur, but if the pain caused by the pressure continues, it could mean you need a root canal.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Chatswood, NSW, Australia

A root canal is one of the best ways to relieve pain caused by an abscessed or infected tooth. To help you regain your smile, Simply Dental Chatswood uses some of the best methods to ensure a relaxing experience. When getting a root canal treatment, you will feel like you are getting a routine dental treatment. Therefore, don’t delay it if your tooth needs it; we will help you eliminate this pain.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of a root canal, then book your appointment with us.


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