Dr. Rohini Bansal

Dr. Rohini Bansal is a distinguished general dentist who boasts over six years of hands-on clinical experience in dentistry's intricate art and science. Having earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the prestigious University of Colorado, USA, her academic prowess is complemented by her diverse professional exposure across various international terrains.

Dr. Bansal has developed a unique and holistic approach to dentistry through her extensive training and practice in different countries. She staunchly believes in maintaining the pinnacle of dental care by consistently updating herself on contemporary techniques and breakthroughs in the field. For Dr. Bansal, the well-being and comfort of her patients aren't mere responsibilities but the very essence of her practice. Their optimal oral health, coupled with a seamless experience, is at the core of her professional commitment.

While her expertise spans the breadth of general dentistry, Dr. Bansal harbours a particular fascination for minimally invasive procedures. She is also deeply passionate about the aesthetic dimension of dental care, aiming to ensure that each smile she crafts is both healthy and beautiful.

Outside the confines of her clinic, Dr. Bansal is a devoted mother who cherishes moments with her young son. She possesses an artistic streak, evident in her remarkable pencil portraits. Additionally, her culinary pursuits and proficiency in crochet reflect her multifaceted personality. A proponent of a balanced lifestyle, she finds solace in yoga and possesses an undying zest for travel, exploring the world one destination at a time.