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Basic Dental Implant Health Tips

Dental implants can last you your entire life if you practice well enough oral hygiene to maintain them. Regular checkups with your dental health specialist are also a must.

If you keep up a healthy daily routine with basic brushing and flossing, however, you’ll be able to assure the health of your implants over time.

Dental Implant Health Tips 

How long your dental implants last depend largely upon several different factors. These include your basic lifestyle as well as your grasp of basic hygiene. Here are some useful conditional tips to follow:

Immediately After Surgery 

After your initial implant surgery, it’s best to stay away from eating hard foods. Otherwise, you’ll likely damage the implants since they haven’t fully healed. Try to stay on a soft food diet for at least a week if not more. The implants may still be sensitive for up to three months.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy 

The long-lasting health of your implants can vary greatly from your daily routine. They’re no different from your natural teeth in that way. Regular brushing and daily flossing are really all you need to make sure your mouth stays healthy even after you have implant surgery. Be sure to follow any specialized advice from your dentist. You may need additional maintenance, especially right after the surgery has been completed.

Your Basic Lifestyle 

The longevity of your implants is also largely tied to your overall lifestyle, not just basic oral maintenance. For instance, vices like smoking can cause a host of problems for your dental implants. Smoking can even affect your eligibility for implant surgery, so consider dropping the habit even beforehand if possible.

Practicing Proper Systemic Health 

Oral cavities should not be viewed as a completely separate part of your body. Everything is intimately connected. Your overall health will be affected by your teeth and vice versa. One of the most effective means of taking care of your dental implants is to look after your overall health from head to toe. With this in mind, you should eat a clean diet, cut back on vices, keep a consistent sleep schedule, and even exercise. Every facet of your health will improve tenfold.

Visiting The Dentist Regularly 

While you’ll be able to handle a lot of the maintenance of your dental implants at home, it’s important to continue visiting your dentist or dental hygienist as regularly as possible. Ideally, this should be a part of everyone’s lives, but many people put it off until it’s too late. If you want to make sure your remaining natural teeth and implants alike remain healthy for decades to come, routine dental checkups are an absolute must.
With the aid of your dentist, you’ll easily be able to find the best possible routine for your particular needs. What’s best for your individual oral hygiene is highly specific. If you take a general approach, you may not receive the best care possible. With this in mind, be sure to consult with a dental professional to learn which exact oral hygiene routine you may need.
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