Do You Have Bad Breath?

Do you have bad breath

What You Need To Know About Bad Breath

As you may have imagined, a good portion of the international population is affected by bad breath. There are many different causes for this condition and most of them revolve around oral hygiene. No matter the cause, the bad odors of the mouth and breath acan have a bad effect on close relations and communications and can alienate the individual from their peers.

Here are the Facts on Bad Breath:

There are some things that should be known about this condition that can be applied to eliminating the underlying causes of bad odor.

  • Bad breath affects over 25% of the population.
  • The most common cause of bad breath is halitosis which can be caused by poor oral hygiene.
  • Particles of food and foreign substances in the mouth provide bad smelling bacteria a food source to fuel their population expansion.
  • Keeping the mouth properly hydrated can reduce the populations of foul smelling odor causing bacteria.
  • The best way to avoid the worst conditions of bad breath is with proper oral hygiene. If you are flossing, brushing and keeping properly hydrated, you will greatly reduce this embarrassing condition.


Keeping yourself safe from the effects of bad breath is as simple as adjusting your lifestyle for the better. Improved oral hygiene not only protects you from gum disease and bad breath but also allows you to keep your teeth and oral cavity in good health.

Regular visits to your dental care provider will also reduce the likelihood of contracting odor causing conditions. It is recommended that on the average, a healthy individual should visit the dentists twice each year for proper cleanings.

Your dentist may also make special recommendations that will take the needs of your mouth into consideration and offer you the best care. If your dentist finds a case of poor oral hygiene taking over your mouth, you can count on them fo a proper cleaning to remove buildup of unhealthy substances.

Risk Factors

There are some things that that can removed from your lifestyle or at least reduced to take control over the odors emanating from your mouth. Some of the habits and conditions to address include:

  • Smoking: there is a wider option for smoking substances today than there ever has been and this constant intake of smoke has bad consequence for the mouth. Tobacco is especially bad for the gums and can be an instant cause of bad breath. 
  • Foods: after a good seafood dinner, anyone within 2 meters of your location is going to know all about it. No matter what you eat, you should take the time to rinse the mouth well-after your repast and even chew some sugar free dental gum. Some foods like garlic and onions, are broken down by special bacteria in the body, their broken down by products have hints of an old dumpster and are actually quite closely related.
  • Dental cleanliness: as mentioned, the level of sanitation applied to your oral cavity can make your breath a delicate signature alluding to your attention to detail, or a loud announcement of how little you care therefore it’s up to you.

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