Your Guide To Popular Dental Implant Treatments

There are a variety of dental implant treatments available for single or multiple tooth replacements. Read on and identify which one works best for you

Dental Implants are the next best thing to restore that missing natural look to your teeth. Dental implants come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important that you understand the variety of types available to make sure you’re happy with your smile. If you’re missing more than one tooth, you’re in luck. Dental implant treatment caters for single and multiple tooth replacements.

Dental implants

Let’s have a look at the different types of implant treatment available to replace that hidden confidence with a shiny and happy smile.

The Popular Implant Types

  1. Endosteal Implants – Endosteal is the most common form of artificial tooth replacement. Where you see other articles reference ‘the infused jawbone’, this is part of the preparation for Endosteal Implants. The implant is infused with titanium material like a small screw. Your jawbone must be healthy and strong enough to cater to single or multiple implants. This means you have to have adopted a positive hygiene routine. The artificial tooth is fitted on top of the screw once the screw is in place. Endosteal implants require natural yet simple aftercare treatment. It needs a few days to heal and to settle in its place. There is no need for supporting or neighboring teeth to be used to help keep it in place. It is a stand-alone implant, strong and durable. If you’re further adjacent teeth, two or more implants can be joined together as a bridge. It is also more affordable to do this.
  • Endosteal Implant Cost For Single Replacement – A single Endosteal replacement is expected to cost approximately $3000 to $3500.
  • Appointment: The appointment depends on the state of your teeth. If you’re requesting an implant yet decayed teeth need removing, this could spread to at least 2 or 3 appointments, split within a few weeks. For an Endosteal fitting, expect a minimum of two appointments. One appointment for an initial examination, clean and applying a temporary filling, if required, and the second appointment will involve fitting in the implant.
  1. Subperiosteal Implant – Subperiosteal Implants still offer the same benefits as Endosteal implants but is positioned differently. A subperiosteal implant sits on top of the bone, below the gum instead being infused into the jawbone. If your jaw is not strong enough to withhold an Endosteal implant, this is worthwhile choice of treatment. Some may also choose this implant if they do not want to go through a procedure to rebuild the bone stimulation (or add to it) known as bone augmentation.
  • Periosteal Implant Cost For Single Replacement – A single subperiosteal replacement is expected to cost approximately $2500 to $3000.
  • Appointment: The appointment again depends on the state of your teeth after an examination is completed. Typically expect a Subperiosteal Implant to spread across two separate appointments for a check-and-clean followed by the development and fitting of the implant.

Dental implant aftercare

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If any of these implant treatment types don’t suit you, you may explore Zygomatic implants. This should only be considered if you have weak jawbone and structure so an Endosteal implant can’t be fitted. This implant is replaced in the cheekbone of the patient.

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