Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Should You Choose?

A patient undergoing teeth whitening service

In-office professional teeth whitening treatment is the most effective form of treatment to get those pearly whites shining. This is especially if you have dark stains on your teeth that you simply cannot remove with a soft bristle toothbrush or through other remedies at home. Although this may not be an affordable form of teeth whitening treatment for many, there are many other options to choose from.

Modern dentistry has made teeth whitening a very popular and affordable choice of treatment for many. If you’re one of those seeking a solution to the dark stains on your teeth, here are the available teeth whitening treatments. It is important to address the affordability factor and outline which is the best choice, which we describe below.

Results after teeth whitening

In-Office Dental Bleaching

Visiting the dentist for an in-office professional clean is considered the safest and most effective form of teeth whitening treatment. The dentist has a full picture of your teeth and can apply the bleaching agent safely to all contours of your teeth. The bleaching agent is a peroxide gel that lightens the shade of your teeth. To keep the shade, continue to perform strong oral hygiene at home for your pearly whites to shine.

Whitening Gels And Trays

A custom-fitted mouth tray that moulds to your teeth, whitening gels and trays contain a peroxide whitening agent to whiten the tooth surface. Two trays are recommended per day, one for the upper and one for the bottom teeth.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers is another worthwhile choice of treatment that’s designed to protect your smile from the visibility of any wear and tear by applying a custom shell made from porcelain material that bonds to the front of your teeth to uncover a brand new smile. Porcelain is more stain-resistant compared to other materials, but there are tips you can follow to maintain the light shade of your veneers as well:

  • Do not consume food and drink that contains tannins and chromogens because these properties cause staining.
  • Be gentle when brushing and flossing your teeth around your veneers
  • Rinse your mouth regularly to keep staining at bay


Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

There is a difference between normal and teeth whitening toothpaste. Normal toothpaste keeps the mouth clean from bacteria and attempts to remove some stains, but whitening toothpaste is designed to remove stains and make your teeth shine brighter. Whilst this does not happen straight away, it can take weeks to see results.

Stains on teeth can really damage smiling confidence, and luckily there are many dentistry options available that help to lighten the shade to your smile. If you’re one of these people wanting to resurrect your smile, then contact us at Simply Dental today and we can assess the best options for you. Click here to get started!


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