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A preview of Future City Smart City at The Concourse in Chatswood by artist The Electric Canvas

Vivid Sydney Brings a Steam-Punk Theme to Chatswood for Their 2017 Exhibition

This year in Chatswood, Vivid Sydney will bring together traditional 19th century steam powered machines with futuristic music, lights and innovations.

The theme for the year is of “Steam-Punk,” a reference to the science fiction genre found within many popular books and movies. This genre takes machinery from steam powered eras and places them in modern or futuristic settings, combining the two for a whimsical yet gritty experience.

The famous Vivid light shows and displays will be on a loop between Chatswood Interchange and The Concourse for anyone who wishes to view them.

A 9000 Leg Voxelscape and a human powered, real steam engine known as the “Gear Shift” feature prominently into this year’s displays.

A number of other displays are available, such as “Crossword in the Mall,” a display that encourages people to look to the sky and at their surroundings for hidden messages. There is also “Octopoda Above Hawker Lane,” an interactive band experience featuring heavy percussion.

The main feature on the Concourse is “Future City, Smart City.” In this exhibit, visitors take to the clouds and help create a sustainable city in the sky.

Under the sea, “Steampunk Waterworld” showcases an underwater city based upon the works of Jules Verne, a 19th century author from France who worked in the field of science fiction.

During the day, a special display known as the “Light Bounce at Chatswood Chase” provides an interactive hike through a forest filled with refracting light and intriguing visualizations.

The Mayor of Willoughby, Gail Giles-Gidney showed visible excitement about the latest Vivid Sydney event.

She had this to say – “It’s a wonderful event that our local community loves.”

She went on to talk more about the history and growth of the event: “Each year the success of the event continues to grow, as is evidenced by our extended event dates.”

She also talked about the effect it has had on the community as well, stating that “it has really helped cement Chatswood’s position as a vital part of the greater Sydney cultural landscape.”

The fun begins on May 26th and the Vivid Sydney show in Chatswood finishes on June 17th.

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