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Visiting Your Dental Hygienist Regularly

A dental hygienist plays an important role in looking after your oral health. Only until recently has a dental hygienist been present in a dental practice. Therefore, you can be forgiven if you’re confused as to what the difference is between a general dentist and a dental hygienist. There are subtle differences in the roles of a dental hygienist and a general dentist. What you only need to be aware of is that if you’re looking for a check-up and clean, the dental hygienist is best suited to carry this out. Instances where abnormalities are found in teeth during your pre-examination, a general dentist will have the responsibility of fixing any dental concerns.


The Five Reasons

With that being said, the dental hygienist’s common goal is to maintain attractive-looking and healthy teeth. Here is a breakdown of why you should visit the dental hygienist regularly:

  1. Healthy Teeth Brings Confidence and Self-Esteem – The hygienist always makes sure your teeth are as shiny and healthy as possible. The check-up and clean procedure will involve cleaning in and around the mouth before performing the polish treatment to lighten the shade of your teeth. A white smile brings confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Healthy Jaw and Gums – Your gum and jaw must be strong at all times to keep teeth firmly in place. Strong gums help keep your teeth in place particularly if you suffer from a dental accident or trauma. For further cosmetic treatments such as implants and veneers, your gum and jaws must be strong for teeth to also remain strong.
  3. Limit Dental Appointments – If the dentist believes your oral health isn’t what it should be, you would be required to attend further appointments than necessary. Limit your appointments by looking after your teeth at home. Adopt positive oral health habits to keep teeth healthy and white. If you drink alcohol and smoke, you must consider reducing the intake or teeth can become discoloured quickly.
  4. Checking For Cancer – Oral cancer screenings are always administered in check-up appointments so that there are no signs of early cancer symptoms. Cancer is more likely for regular smokers, which means further dentist appointments than usual.
  5. Bad Breath Disappears – It is natural to be conscious of your own breath. However, there are reasons why bad breath is common and one of them is your oral health habits. You can use mouthwash to alleviate the problem or book an appointment to get the problem resolved.


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Neglecting the health of your teeth leads to many complications, not just dental complications. With a contagious smile, your mood is uplifted, you’ll feel happy and it will open up endless opportunities to a better quality of life.

If you’re looking to lighten the shade to produce squeaky clean teeth, we at Simply Dental look forward to welcoming you and helping you leave with healthy teeth. Contact us here to book your appointment.


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