Tips To Remove A Cavity At Home

Cavities on teeth

Cavities should be treated at the dentist with dental filling treatment. Although, you’re probably unaware that you can also treat cavities at home, providing it hasn’t got to the stage where a hole has formed. Having alternative solutions to cure potential cavities is important, particularly for those who suffer from dental anxiety or simply cannot fit in a dentist appointment.

Dental filling treatment is the first and most recommended solution if the cavity has become severe. Although, try your hand at one of the home remedies below to reduce the impact.

Five Useful Home Remedies

  • Avoid Sugar Content – Sugar is a big culprit for cavities. When you’ve consumed sugar, it combines with harmful bacteria to produce an acid attack. This wears down your enamel and causes a hole in the centre of the tooth. Avoid sugar altogether or reduce how much sugar you consume, not just in foods but even in tea and coffee. Change your taste buds so that you’re no longer craving for sugar. Consuming high levels of sugar also causes weight gain and with this, you’ll introduce other health issues such as sleep apnea or diabetes.

Sugar damages enamel

  • Fluoride Toothpaste – Fluoride contains mild abrasive properties that can reduce the level of tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride strengths your tooth enamel and also hardens the bones. Strong bones are very important to keep your teeth in place as it can reduce the impact of ageing.
  • Chew on Sugarless Gum – Research has found that sugarless gum helps to protect and strengthen your enamel. Also, one key property to keep your mouth clean is saliva. Saliva acts as a protector of the mouth from plaque and bacteria build-up.
  • Vitamin D – vitamin D is a mineral that can easily be absorbed by the sun. Although, during colder temperatures, you will need to ensure your diet contains vitamin D properties to keep teeth strong. There is a strong relationship between vitamin D and calcium and phosphate, that when interact together can remineralize your enamel. Consider consuming dairy products such as milk and cheese to absorb these properties.
  • Oil Pulling –  Oil pulling is the process of swishing oil inside the mouth before spitting it out. It is recommended that you use sesame or coconut oil to do this. This is because these two oil choices have proven to reduce plaque, gums disease and harmful bacteria build-up. Plaque is the first stage of cavities forming, but you can catch it early with oil pulling.


Whilst it is recommended that you consult the dentist if you have suffered a cavity, taking the necessary precautions at home can go along way in reducing the impact of a cavity. Although, at a time where the hole increases, dental filling treatment at the dentist is recommended. You can avoid a cavity forming altogether by a few lifestyle changes that can save your smile.

If you’re showing the symptoms of a cavity, it is one of the key signs you need dental filling treatment. Contact our Chatswood dental team today and check yourself in for an appointment.




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