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Tips To Keep New Patients Attracted To The Dental Practice

New patients are the lifeblood of a dental practice, but the most difficult strategy is to convert new patients into existing patients to become regular. Attracting new patients to the dental clinic is heavily dependent on the quality of service you provide. New patients aren’t bound to choosing and staying with a dental clinic. If they’re unsatisfied, they will leave. It is that simple.

Patients are always looking to seek new dental clinics due to personal circumstances. Circumstances such as they’re moving home, poor service of their current dental practice or a lack of appointment availability. Therefore, it is important that new patients are welcomed to the dental clinic in a way they become attracted.

Due to the revelation of the internet, dental clinics are more exposed than ever. Not only can clinic reputation be exposed in the practice, but it can also be exposed online through mediums such as social media.


The Four Tips

Follow these tips on how to provide a quality service to improve the dental patient base:

  • Deliver Excelling Patient Service – Patients are looking for the best deals to go with the service a clinic provides. The patient relationship is a key factor in retaining them. Tips for quality service include greeting them, making them feel welcome, keep patient appointments on time, keeping them informed and showing empathy to patient concern. Clinics should always be motivated to improve patient service every day.
  • Keep In Regular Contact – Particularly when appointments are coming up, reach patients through a variety of communication mediums to keep them informed about their upcoming appointment or any offers that may attract them.
  • Thank Patients For Their Custom – At times, appointments may start late due to unforeseen circumstances, or delays due to dentists seeing other patients. Continue to thank patients if the appointment is running late, before and after the appointment. This demonstrates care and loyalty to patients and that shows appreciation, something that patients always look for.
  • Maintain Them On A Schedule – If patients are unscheduled, there is a chance they may seek another appointment at another practice. Always be intent on scheduling them for the next appointment that suits them. When patients leave the clinic, ensure they don’t leave unless a future appointment is booked.
  • Be Prepared in Emergencies – There are times when patient service is tested in the case of an emergency. Ensure that patients are aware that whilst dental emergency appointments may not always be available, emergency dentists are always on hand to support and provide advice to their problem before an emergency appointment becomes available. This shows care and compassion.

As a new patient, read here on what to expect during your first appointment in your new dental practice


The quality of service a dental clinic provides is essential in keeping patients attracted to a practice. With poor service to suit their needs, patients won’t hesitate in seeking better dental clinics elsewhere. Whilst the competition is fiercer than ever, it is essential that the dental clinic is marketed in a way that appeals to patients. The service you provide is key to maintaining a rich patient base.

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