The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Dental Visit

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Some people find it a little stressful to go to the dentist, but the anticipation is always worse than reality. As a patient, one needs to go through a few steps when going to a dentist appointment. The dentist is there to help them; therefore, it is a blessing to have access to dental care.

Read on to get more information about what you do at a dentist appointment.

Before the Dentist Appointment

It is essential to have enough time off work, so you are not anxious to return. When you make the dentist appointment, you can ask for the time it may take and add more time. You may have to pay at the clinic, or the dentist will balance after the insurance pays them. It is always a good idea for you to determine how much you need to pay for the appointment ahead of time.

You need to go early on the day of your appointment so that you can fill out the paperwork and the staff has time to set you up. Another important thing is to have your documents ready when you check in at the dental clinic’s reception desk.

During the Dentist Appointment

The following steps are taken at your dentist appointment.

    • Teeth Examination

The first step is vital, as the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth for any signs of damage, decay or wear. They can also use a dental mirror and dental probe to the different angles of the teeth. They may also test the teeth for any signs of sensitivity or pain.

    • Jaw Examination

Another essential step is examining your bite for the signs of malocclusion. Different malocclusion types include underbite, overbite, crossbite and open bite. After that, the dentist recommends orthodontic treatment for aligning the bite. In the end, the dentist will open and close your mouth to ensure the jaw’s proper functioning.

    • Gum Examination

The dentist must also evaluate the gums and pay attention to their colour. In addition, he may poke at it to see if the gums bleed because it can be a sign of gum disease. A unique tool is used to measure the gum pocket and symptoms of gum recession.

    • Oral Screening

Your dentist may screen you for oral cancer during the dental appointment. The soft tissues like lips, inner cheeks, tongue, gums, soft palates and tonsils are evaluated for screening. If changes in colouration and texture are noticed, the dentist can refer you to the primary physician.

    • Smelling Your Breath

Although your dentist examines your teeth, jaws and gums, he may also smell your breath. The smell of a breath is a potential symptom that a dentist can use for diagnosis. If the breath has an odour, it can indicate gum disease, infection or tooth decay. 

After the Appointment

After your dentist appointment, you can call the dentist between the routine visits for additional questions or if you are having any discomfort or pain. It is better to participate in follow-up care, and dentists recommend scheduling an appointment after every six months.

It is worth mentioning that the dentist provides all the details about the following steps if you have to come for specific appointments. It includes having a root canal procedure or treating your cavities.

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