The Five Reasons For Tooth Loss

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Nobody likes to lose a tooth. It reduces confidence in yourself and your smile, and as an adult, losing teeth can be a very distressing experience. When comparing losing a tooth between a child and an adult, it is always expected within a child because their baby teeth need to come out for adult teeth to begin developing during adolescence years. When it comes to adults when a natural tooth permanently disappears, it disappears for good, and will likely require emergency treatment to remove it if the tooth inside is dead (no oxygen or nutrients are reaching the nerve) cosmetic treatment to replace it with a prosthetic and artificial replacement.

You will have been told numerous times from the dentist to avoid certain food and drink that promotes sugars and perform certain oral routine steps to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Although, there are some instances where tooth loss may be unavoidable for other reasons. It is important to be aware that tooth loss doesn’t necessarily stem from just poor oral health.


Below explains further, with the five key reasons for tooth loss.

The Five Reasons

  1. Poor Eating Habits – What food and drink do you consume on a regular basis? A key reason for tooth loss is poor eating habits, where the foods and drinks you eat comprise sugars and starch that harmful bacteria feeds off to cause tooth decay. When teeth decay, cavities (a hole in a tooth) appear which can progress past your enamel and penetrate to your gums, causing toothache, something which shouldn’t be ignored, sensitivity and tooth loss. Do not ignore a toothache as it is a sign of something serious that needs looking into.
  2. Not Performing Your Oral Routine Correctly – This is a factor that doesn’t simply ask the question “are you brushing your teeth?”, rather it’s asking the question of whether you’re brushing and flossing your teeth correctly. Some people perform all of the important oral hygiene steps, only it’s not being performed right. It is essential that if you feel this way that you contact the dentist for further advice.
  3. Physical Accidents – An accident can happen out of nowhere, it is just bad luck if your mouth is on the receiving end of it. Tooth loss from a traumatic dental injury or through physical contact is very common. Even the best methods to prevent it may not do the trick. To reduce the chances, consider wearing a dental mouthguard during physical contact and be extra vigilant with your oral health when out and about.
  4. Avoidable Habits – These are certain habits that can contribute to the reasons for tooth loss. The common habits include teeth grinding, a condition that causes harm during sleep as your teeth grind together, causing wear-and-tear. Another is smoking, which is a common cause of tooth loss and increases the chances of losing teeth up to almost 3 times.
  5. General Health Concerns – General health, including oral health all links together, and it is common for wider health issues to have an impact on oral health. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia are signs that can contribute to tooth loss.

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