Teeth Whitening Safety Tips

Almost everybody wants white teeth. The problem is, common habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco and even drinking a lot of coffee cause teeth to yellow.

That’s why people turn to teeth whitening, which is one of the most popular treatments in many parts of the world.

In it, brown teeth are bleached using a whitening product that usually has hydrogen peroxide.

These whiteners are readily available and can be bought over-the-counter. Nonetheless, it is still not advisable to use these products without consulting your dentist.

To be fair, dentists agree that teeth whiteners have not caused any major health issue when they are used as directed. But nonetheless, it would be better to be safe and consult a dentist, than regret it later.

Plus, dentists discourage the use of certain teeth whitening products due to the following reasons:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is reported as a common side effect of bleaching. Research shows that low concentrations of peroxide found in teeth whitening products are safe.

The problem is, it is difficult to determine how much hydrogen peroxide is in an over-the-counter tooth whitening product.

This makes it possible to overdose on peroxide, which makes teeth sensitivity. The condition can become more serious over time.

  • Tooth injury

It is possible to overuse these products. And people who did so report severe dental injuries.

This again can be traced to the teeth being more sensitive. The worst case scenario is that the teeth become extremely sensitive that you cannot chew your food. Plus, excessive use damages the teeth’s enamel.

It is during this time that you will feel pain or sensitivity.

In case the enamel damaged, the delicate dentin layer underneath gets exposed. This in turn make you vulnerable to bacteria and other related infections.

  • Gum damage

Chemicals in the bleaching gel, despite a user wearing a mouthguard, could seep into the gums and cause painful burns.

There are also few cases where people have complained of getting sick after swallowing the bleaching product. It is however still unknown how much bleach a person ingested before getting sick

A safer alternative…

Despite these risks, persons who undergo professional in-chair teeth whitening procedures have reported great results.

The treatment often takes up to 1 hour and delivers longer lasting 122 benefits. The biggest advantage is that it is safer considering your doctor can monitor you.

Further, the dentist will often carry out a pre-bleaching exam. This is to see if you need a particular treatment before bleaching, or a different treatment would be better for you instead of bleaching.

That’s why it’s better to tap a professional’s help if you want to have your teeth bleached. To help you get a better picture, here are the benefits of an in-chair teeth whitening procedure:

  • You will know the exact reason why your teeth is coloured brown

Teeth yellowing can be caused by a number of reasons. Among these are teeth abscessing, root canal problems and tooth decay. Or it can come from smoking, drinking too much coffee or due to old age.

Given these, it’s possible that you don’t need teeth whitening. If your teeth are abscessed for instance, bleaching will only mask the problem, not solve it.

  • You can prevent further damage if discoloration is caused by something else

You will know which treatment you need after the pre-bleaching exam. With this, you can act on other issues that you would have discovered.

  • The dentist may recommend something better to improve the teeth’s appearances

Whiter teeth are supposed to make you look more beautiful. But what if it produced the opposite effect?

For instance, a gummy smile and short teeth won’t look better with bleaching, instead just accentuate the gummy smile.

Further, bleach would be useless on exposed teeth roots. Bleaching instead, will produce unpleasant results.

How a professional in-chair teeth whitening delivers longer lasting benefits

The results of a bleaching procedure often depends on how well the therapist understands teeth and the technique used to carry out the procedure.

A professional in-chair teeth whitening procedure is typically done by an experienced team of dentists.

They provide you with the best options in getting your teeth cleaned. They will see to it that the process will be non-invasive, painless and extremely effective. Plus, they will use a teeth bleaching formula that can produce long lasting results.


Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may be easily available now but these don’t guarantee that you would achieve your desired results. Plus self-administering of these whiteners may not be safe for your health. For your health and money, it is always best to have your dentist do any teeth whitening procedure.



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