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Stop By The Sydney Botanic Gardens For A Peaceful Retreat

Stop By The Sydney Botanic Gardens For A Peaceful Retreat


The Sydney Botanic Garden is also referred to as the Royal Botanic Garden, and it’s located off of Mrs Macquaries Road. It’s right by the Sydney Opera House, which is another sight you’re going to want to see. You might as well pack these two adventures into one, as people report avoiding traffic by walking through the gardens right on up to the Sydney Opera House.


You’re going to see so many different types of beautiful plants while you’re there, and there is a gorgeous rose garden. Witness the bird life, enjoy the fruit bats and even check out the art gallery. It is a great way to get away from the busy city and enjoy some peace and quiet.


When people discover attractions and places of interest, they often wonder how long to plan on staying. People report in reviews that you might want to plan on this type of adventure taking about two hours. Naturally, you’re going to want to take even more time if you plan to stop on by the Sydney Opera House. Even if you don’t visit the opera house, you’re going to enjoy great views of the architectural gem right from the botanical gardens.


One important historical fact to mention about this garden is that it was first constructed in 1816. That makes it quite the old botanical garden and a historical place of interest in New South Wales. You can visit the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney any day of the year, and another good thing to know is that it’s free.


If you have the time, you might want to visit the Sydney Botanic Garden more than once. One of the reasons why is there are a total of 74 acres to explore. You can’t see it all at once, but you sure can try. Millions of people visit the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney each year. The opera house and the art gallery were mentioned, but there are also other attractions nearby, too.


For example, you can stop right on by Syndey Harbour and enjoy all kinds of activities. This are of New South Wales is a great place to explore in general. Naturally, you’re going to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city most of the time, so the botanical gardens are a nice peaceful retreat. As you make your way through Farm Cove, be sure you cheque out the sandstone seawall.


The gardens and the area in general make for great picture taking opportunities, too. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, the wildlife and all that this area of Sydney has to offer. Perhaps you were first thinking of going to the opera house, and you discovered this attraction, too. You might as well pay it a visit as well. You will see the gardens while you are there, and you’re going to want to cheque them out. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time, you can enjoy the views and perhaps have a peaceful picnic with the family.

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