10. Stringybark Creek Reserve

Stringybark Creek Reserve

Unfortunately, Stringybark Creek’s main claim to fame is rather nefarious, but the area today is an excellent place to have a picnic. If you would like to embrace nature while learning about a historical event, then you should consider visiting Stringybark Creek Reserve.


Most people in the area know of Stringybark Creek because it was the location of three policemen deaths on October 26, 1878. The three policemen, Constable Thomas Lonigan, Sergeant Michael Kennedy, and Constable Michael Scanlan, were in the area looking for the notorious Kelly gang. These bushrangers were already wanted for the attempted murder of another policeman. In the officers’ attempt to capture these dangerous men, they were all shot and killed.

In 1931, a farmer carved the names of the slain officers into a tree near the site of two of the murders. Known colloquially as “The Kelly Tree,” this tree also features a small copy of Ned Kelly’s helmet, which outraged the family members of the fallen constables. In 2001, a memorial stone was put in place near the location of the hut where the Kelly gang were hiding to honour the officers who tried to place them under arrest.

The legacy of Ned Kelly and his gang is somewhat contested. Some see him as a Robin Hood of sorts who fought against the establishment, while others see him as a ruthless outlaw.

Nevertheless, Ned Kelly is a notable figure in Australian history.┬áToday, this park is a popular tourist attraction for history buffs and those curious about NSW’s dark history.


Nowadays, the area surrounding Stringybark Creek is much calmer. It has been developed for visitors. The amenities include walking trails, camping, and picnic areas, as well as toilets. Ample parking is available for those travelling to the site by car. Signs at the site detail its history and help visitors understand the gravity of what happened over one hundred years ago.

If you want to continue to spend your time outdoors while in this area, then find out more here.

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