Should Toothache Be Ignored?


A natural reaction to a toothache is for the pain to go away on its own. Although, a toothache should be considered a warning sign that there is an issue inside your mouth that likely needs examining. This is especially when a toothache is severe, where the first instance would be to call the dentist to book an emergency appointment, but what can happen is that you’ll be tempted to delay calling the dentist and wait for a few days until the toothache disappears.

Occasionally, there are instances where ignoring toothache can ease off or disappear. The risk of doing this is that the toothache and the sensitivity that comes with it could become worse and emergency treatment may be inevitable.


So, Should It Be Ignored?

In short, the recommended answer is no. Ignoring toothache is not the best approach. Whilst there may a reduction in sensitivity a few days shortly after, you should not assume that the oral problem has gone away. There is half a chance that the sensitivity will return and cause even further problems than initially thought. Understandably, it can be nerve-wracking to be in a situation where you need to visit the dentist for emergency treatment, but the benefit of this outweighs any nerves you experience. Your pain will ease and treatment will be performed to keep your oral health stronger for longer.

The Root Causes Of Toothache

To give you some insight into what a toothache could mean, below outlines some of the risks of ignoring the different types of toothache and not contacting the dentist as soon as you experience some pain and sensitivity.

Nerve Pain

Sensitivity and toothache stem from the nerve, located at the root of a tooth. The nerve helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tooth but when these two properties are no longer in supply, harmful bacteria will begin to build up, gradually wearing away at your enamel and causing cavities, a permanent hole in the tooth which will require a dental filling.

Risk of Infection and Abscess

Ignoring toothache and any pain is an indication of swelling of a dental abscess. A dental abscess is the collection of pus that forms in the centre of the tooth, gums and bone owing to a bacterial infection. The infection can become dangerous and penetrate into your bloodstream, causing adverse health conditions not just in your mouth.

Tooth Loss

When the centre of a tooth is weak, it has lost its core. This means it doesn’t have the necessary strength to support overall mouth functioning. Teeth may begin to crack and fracture to a point where it becomes impossible to save the tooth, meaning tooth extraction treatment would need to be performed. There are many reasons for tooth loss, some more avoidable than others.

Dental checkup for toothache

Visit The Dentist As Early As Possible…

A default reaction for many people is ignoring toothache in the hope that it goes away. Although, you could be doing more damage to your oral health the longer you ignore it. Avoid taking the chance of this and get it seen to by the dentist to avoid emergency treatment.

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