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Teeth Whitening

Check Up & Clean
Normally $170 Now $150
Take Home Whitening Kit
No impressions, no models, no lab time. Sleek and comfortable; adapts to any smile.
Check Up & Clean
Normally $999 Now $699
In-Chair Teeth Whitening
Professional results in less than 1 hour. Chemically activated, so no hot, uncomfortable light is needed.

You don’t need to be rich to have a million dollar smile. Simply Dental Chatswood will help you regain your charm by whitening your teeth. With an advanced and effective teeth bleaching formula, our skilled and experienced team of dentists provide you with the best options to get your teeth cleaned.

It is important to consider that while yellowing of teeth is a natural process accelerated with age, most of the enamel wares and other tans are extrinsic stains that are caused by uncareful consumption of tea, coffee, tobacco and other edibles. In a nutshell, understand that anything that will stain a white shirt can also stain your teeth.

We understand how unhygienic (and on many occasions, embarrassing as well) an unclean set of teeth can look. If ignored, such teeth will invite many unwanted oral diseases. Better get them resolved today with our extra-sure tooth whitening system. Non-invasive, painless and very effective, our method of whitening your teeth will render 2-8 shades lighter at all costs.

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At Simply Dental Chatswood we offer both professional in-chair teeth whitening and take home DIY Kits.

We have advanced technology coupled with the best dentist in Sydney which allows us to make huge improvements in the colour of your teeth, so if you have yellow, stained teeth and want them to be white please call us today.

We hear so many questions about teeth whitening, see below examples:

  • How to make my teeth whiter?
  • Can I get rid of yellow stains on my teeth?
  • How long does the process will take?
  • How often do I use DIY whitening kits?
We offer two options for professionally bleaching your teeth

Based on your convenience, you can avail any of the mentioned procedures to get your teeth whitened.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening: Professional whitening results in less than one hour.Chemically activated, so no hot, uncomfortable light is needed. Once done, you will notice the whitening of your teeth instantly.

Take-Home Whitening Kit: Why visit a clinic when you can get the services at your home? Home Bleaching can be done at your home using dental trays that fit your teeth exactly.

Our dentists can talk to you about each option and which is best for you.

Our Specialist

A persons smile is one of the most unique attributes and having the confidence to show your smile off is challenging for some. There is a large group of people who lack confidence due to the appearance of their teeth which can have detrimental impacts on their social behaviour.

Our specialist has been seeing significant growth in numbers for cosmetic dentistry with whitening the teeth as the main treatment.

Oral Health and Gums Evaluation

Before we explore professional whitening, our Chatswood dentist will evaluate your overall oral health and gums.

This will dictate the kind of success you can anticipate when you get teeth whitened. If you have experienced gum disease, decay or cavities whitening your teeth will be far less effective.

A full-scale check-up and clean will be required prior to arranging a teeth whitening appointment so we can help you understand the kinds of results to expect.

Professional whitening takes roughly 60 minutes depending on the discolouration, stains and other issues and you will see results instantly.

Teeth Whitening Kits

With our take home kits, we take moulds of your teeth which are used to create custom fitted whitening trays. This can be picked up in the following week to use – we provide instructions for use to ensure results are visible.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Chatswood North SydneyWhitening results remain effective for some time but is dependent on a number of things.

If you are a smoker, drink lots of coffee, eat certain foods that are at more risk of staining then you can anticipate whitening results will not be as effective long term. Having said that it’s possible for you to retain your beautiful smile with frequent oral care which means being diligent with foods and drinks & getting your teeth whiten refills so you can continuously improve the colour.

We can help provide instant results for teeth whitening. If you are in Chatswood or Sydney call us to make an appointment today.

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ONSW Admininistration 3 weeks ago
 Very gentle, but still does a great removal of calculus & plaque and thorough examination of your teeth!

Scott Elkington a month ago
I've been using Simply Dental as my dental clinic for two years now, and it's been great. Professional, smooth, and easy, whether it's a check up or an appointment. Definitely recommended.

beelall bhurtun 3 months ago
The service is very good. Good reminder before appointment time. Very friendly atmosphere. Good staff very welcoming. Also very good dental work.

SHIVAM GROVER 3 months ago
The experience was amazing. Sakshi is very thorough in her methods and truly refines one's dental experience.

Evie Bacewicz 3 months ago
Very professional and thorough, Dr Sakshi took her time and made sure everything was pain free and gentle.

Pow Chin 5 months ago
Dr Sakshi is the best dentist I know - friendly and gentle, her treatments are painless. Her clinic has the latest equipment and she has good knowledge of the latest products and technology.

Amy Leung 5 months ago
The team here are very professional and friendly. Dr Sakshi provides excellent dental service and explains things thoroughly so that I know what is happening. The clinic is clean and comfortable; overall highly recommended.

Chris M 6 months ago
The team at Simply Dental, Chatswood are really great at what they do. I was a new patient this year, and immediately felt welcome and comfortable. They talked me through everything that needed to be done, and after my first visit I was already feeling great. They also provided advice about what else I could do to improve my dental health. Very professional!

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