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Dental Crowns

Avail the best dental crown services with Simply Dental Chatswood today!

Crowns – Made in Australia
From $1300
Crowns – Made in Australia
All our crowns are made in Australia using top quality material only. Our technicians carefully match the colour shade of your crown to match with the rest of your teeth giving that real look and feel.

If your teeth are badly damaged, there may not be enough tooth left to hold and support a regular filling. In these situations, it is more predictable to restore the tooth with a crown. Crowns, like most forms of dental bridges, are fixed prosthetic devices that cement onto existing teeth to make it strong and improve the overall appearance and tooth alignment. Unlike bridges, however, crowns can be removed only by a skillful dentist.


Simply Dental Chatswood understands the risks of having a vulnerable tooth and realizes how important it is to get your best looks restored. Our dentists will recommend getting a crown when:

  • You have a weak tooth that needs protection from mechanical shocks
  • A large filling needs to be replaced
  • You want to restore a fractured tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has root canal treatment

Additionally, you may also need to consider getting a crown if you want to attach a bridge or cover a dental implant. Also in case you want to conceal a poorly shaped tooth and improve your looks, you can discuss with our team of resourceful and skilled dentists to get a crown.

Crowns are usually made of ceramic, and as they completely encircle the tooth, are the strongest kind of restoration for a broken down tooth.

We will not compromise on our patients well-being, and we will only work with high quality Australian dental laboratories. Contact today to know more about it and fix a quick appointment session with our team ready to help with all your dental concerns.

Dental Crowns are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney. Our Chatswood dentists provide a thorough examination which allows us to identify if dental crown implants so find out now if you are suitable.

Have you got chipped or broken teeth?

Our Chatswood dentist can support you with tooth restoration if you want a bright healthy smile. Below is an illustration of how a dental crown is implantedDental Crown Illustration

A lot of people have been involved in accidents which have left them with chipped, broken teeth. Discolouring of teeth is also a big issue which can then stem into feelings of embarrassment and lack of confidence.

Our Sydney dental crown specialist will analyse your situation and potentially recommend crown implants. Dental Crowns are custom-made to suit the shape & size of the damaged tooth. Once the custom crown has been made it is then fused into place.

Restoring oral strength and increasing confidence with a bright smile is the catalyst for a dental crown particularly once a tooth has sustained damage. This is common with large cavities, fractures & root canal treatment. A crown is extremely strong so you don't need be concerned about eating.

With just one visit to Simply Dental Chatswood we can create the dental crown mould. Once the dental crown is made and ready we can then install the crown in another visit for you.

The dental crowns our dentists make and implant are designed to be used and last for several years if the correct oral care is taken which Dr. Sakshi Gupta will provide upon consultation.

Contact us for your appointment in Chatswood, Sydney.

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ONSW Admininistration 3 weeks ago
 Very gentle, but still does a great removal of calculus & plaque and thorough examination of your teeth!

Scott Elkington a month ago
I've been using Simply Dental as my dental clinic for two years now, and it's been great. Professional, smooth, and easy, whether it's a check up or an appointment. Definitely recommended.

beelall bhurtun 3 months ago
The service is very good. Good reminder before appointment time. Very friendly atmosphere. Good staff very welcoming. Also very good dental work.

SHIVAM GROVER 3 months ago
The experience was amazing. Sakshi is very thorough in her methods and truly refines one's dental experience.

Evie Bacewicz 3 months ago
Very professional and thorough, Dr Sakshi took her time and made sure everything was pain free and gentle.

Pow Chin 5 months ago
Dr Sakshi is the best dentist I know - friendly and gentle, her treatments are painless. Her clinic has the latest equipment and she has good knowledge of the latest products and technology.

Amy Leung 5 months ago
The team here are very professional and friendly. Dr Sakshi provides excellent dental service and explains things thoroughly so that I know what is happening. The clinic is clean and comfortable; overall highly recommended.

Chris M 6 months ago
The team at Simply Dental, Chatswood are really great at what they do. I was a new patient this year, and immediately felt welcome and comfortable. They talked me through everything that needed to be done, and after my first visit I was already feeling great. They also provided advice about what else I could do to improve my dental health. Very professional!

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