Regular Check-Ups With The Dentist Are Important To Your Oral Health – Here’s Why

It is human nature to neglect our teeth. We’re repeatedly reminded to regularly book an appointment for regular check-up and clean treatment. Neglecting oral health can have dire consequences for your teeth if you’re unaware of the health of them. Something as simple as booking an appointment can limit any bacteria or cavities and identify other dental concerns so you’re put forward for further treatment.

So, just why are regular check-up and clean appointments important? Not only do you maintain positive oral health, but it also promotes overall physical and mental well-being. The hygienist will keep track of your health and progress with the vision of improving the look and feel of your teeth. By taking these steps, you are progressively increasing your chances to transform the quality of your life.

Dental checkups

The Five Benefits

Here are five benefits of regular check-up and clean appointments with the hygienist:

  1. Improves Your Self-Esteem And Confidence – When your mouth feels and looks clean, it makes you feel good. You’ll feel more confident in showing off your smile in public and delivers comfort in talking. You’ll generally feel positive within yourself.
  2. It Prevents Oral Cancer – Oral cancer is typically linked to bad oral hygiene. The hygienist will perform an oral cancer screening before the scale-and-polish. If detected early, it is highly curable. Reduce alcohol and smoking if consumed regularly.
  3. It Prevents Gum Disease – Bleeding gums, painful gums and loose teeth are all symptoms of gums disease. A positive oral routine will limit its risk. The hygienist will recommend hygiene plans to ensure healthy gums are restored.
  4. Your Smile Becomes Shiny – The shine on your teeth stays with you everywhere you go. This does not come easy though. With a positive oral routine, a balanced diet limiting chewy and solid foods that may develop dark stains, are two key necessities to keep those pearly whites beaming.
  5. Remove Stubborn Debris – Whilst you may have excellent oral hygiene, sometimes brushing and flossing can’t remove those stubborn stains that are hiding in the corner of your teeth. The hygienist is easily able to locate stubborn debris and remove them. The hygienist knows exactly where those stubborn stains stick and can remove them instantly.


How often should you attend a check-up and clean appointment? Click here to find out!

With regular scale-and-polish appointments, the quality of your life will change significantly for the better. A shiny smile opens doors to many opportunities. Smiles are contagious and demonstrate positivity. With positivity comes a positive outlook, as well as positive oral health.

If you’re looking to restore that missing smile for a better quality of life, Simply Dental Chatswood is ready to deliver that smile transformation you’ve been looking for. Simply contact us here and begin your dental journey with us.



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