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The Queen Victoria Building – Witness History And Shop

The Queen Victoria Building – Witness History & Shop All At The Same Place


The Queen Victoria Building has been around since before the turn of the 20th century. It is very ornate with large domes and detailed facade. The building takes up an entire city block, and you will find it at 455 George Street in New South Wales. The beautiful architecture alone is a good enough reason to visit. You’re really going to like the place, and you might as well do some shopping while you’re there, too.


Oh yes, the Queen Victoria Building offers quite the shopping experience. You can also order up some delicious coffee there at one of the shops. You’re going to enjoy five entire floors of places to shop till you drop. You can also check out Town Hall Station while you’re there as well. If you don’t feel like stopping in all of the shops, you can always enjoy a stroll and some window shopping. It would make for quite the adventure while you’re in New South Wales, Australia.


Keep in mind that some of the shops there are quite expensive. The high end shops are still fun to browse though, and the whole building has an old world charm that people like. QVB as it is otherwise called is again a fun place to visit just to see the building itself. It is well over 100 years old and an architectural gem.


For quite some time, QVB wasn’t actually a marketplace, though it was designed to be such in the first place. The Queen Victoria Building went through a restoration late last century, and ever since, it has been a marketplace once again. Out front of the building is Queen Victoria, in statue form of course.


The building has actually underwent many renovations throughout the years. It took five years for it to originally be constructed, too. The first restoration was in 1917, then in the 30’s, 80’s and finally for three years from 2006-2009. Can you guess how much the last full restoration project cost? It was a total of 48 million dollars.


After the restoration project was completed, the building was listed as a Heritage Site. It’s really great that the building is now used as a marketplace once again, too. That was the original intention, so it’s nice to see it used that way after being named a Heritage Site. The building is from the Victorian Era of course, and it is just a lovely example of Australian history.


It was mentioned that the building was built over a period of 5 years. It was completed in 1898, but the building commenced in 1893. This building is also significant because it was part of the discussion in terms of cultural consciousness and preserving the heritage of the area a few decades ago.


There has been quite a movement to do just that ever since the 1980’s. The design of the building is interesting to learn about. It is a cultural institution, and it’s also simply a fun place to visit. When do you get to see a historical landmark and go shopping at the same time?

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