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Priceless Private Health Insurance Cover in Australia

Health is wealth! Get the besy Dental Health Insurance for you & your family

It is not a cliche but a world of wisdom contained in few words.

Our health experience many types of ailments which call for treatment from time to time. Even the smallest of the treatments cost a fortune, making it an unaffordable affair for the financially downtrodden.

Health Insurance comes in handy during such times, saving people from feeling taxed. There were days when many health insurance products didn’t cover dental related issues. Australia is a country which offers comprehensive health insurance to its residents and citizens. Despite the fact, it is surprising why many people still opt for Private Insurance coverage.

The opinion of the general Australian public to not solely rely on the government-funded Health Insurance policies over the private Insurance coverage is the reason for the same. The main advantage of availing Private Health Insurance coverage is the vast number of benefits offered to people of all age groups.

Let us have a detailed look at the two kinds health insurance policies offered by the Private Insurance sector companies in Australia.

General Cover for Treatments

General Treatment Cover is referred to as Extra Medical Cover or Ancillary Medical Cover in Australia. It is mainly because of the added coverage provided by such policies for Dental and Optical Treatments and Physiotherapy.

Such policies ensure that the amount paid as extra for such ancillary Insurance policies are equally spread for all kinds of extra treatments. However, dental treatment takes the major share of the cost paid towards ancillary insurance coverage policies.

Optical care is the next aspect that receives the major share of the Insurance amount paid, followed by Physiotherapy and then by Chiropractic treatment.

General Treatment Cover is usually offered as an independent product by most private Insurance Companies in Australia. Some products, however, combine the same with General Hospitalization cover adding more value to the service.

General Treatment Cover Medical Insurance products cover many types of Health ailments related to Endodontic, Major Dental, Orthodontic, General Dental, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Optical, Psychology, Non-PBS Pharmaceuticals and Physiotherapy.

The next type of general category Medical Insurance policies provides insurance coverage to different combinations of health ailments like Endodontic, Major Dental,   Orthodontic, General Dental, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Optical, Psychology, Non-PBS Pharmaceuticals, Physiotherapy, Hearing Aids and Chiropractic.

The third and last general cover provided by Medical Insurance Companies is what is called the Basic Cover.

Hospital Cover

Hospital Cover is that type of Medical Insurance Coverage which saves the patient from shelling out huge amounts of money during hospitalisation. It relieves the patients from the burden of urgent or emergency expenses to be spent immediately after the admission of the patient in the hospital.

The expenses covered under Hospital Cover fall under the category names Medicare Benefits Schedule or MBS. Such benefits predominantly fall under four main categories which are enlisted below.

  • Public Hospital Cover
  • Basic Private Hospital Cover
  • Medium Private Hospital Cover
  • Top Private Hospital Cover

Why is Private Health Insurance Cover so important?

The Medical Insurance Cover provided by Government mostly does not cover all the ailments and treatments in a comprehensive manner. Many critical ailments fall outside the purview of the same making the healthcare plan a half-baked one.

The moment you understand that the Medicare products offered by public health services are not comprehensive, you are forced to go in for Private Medical Insurance coverage. The Medicare Public Insurance categorises the coverage offered into three aspects namely Pharmaceutical, Medical and Hospital. Every such aspect categorised has their limitations making people go in for a Private Medical Insurance Cover.

For instance, the hospital category of the coverage does not include patient or an attendant accommodation and Operation Theatre fees, which are usually covered in Private Medical Insurance products. The Hospital category does not also cover any treatment taken outside the country. The exclusion in the Medicare policy also includes ambulance charges, clinically unessential services and cosmetic surgery. The other aspects that are not covered under Medicare are the tests involved during the pre-check up periods like the different kinds of pathological tests including X-Rays and scans.

All the other treatments and options not covered under Medicare Medical Insurance Coverage offered by public insurance sector are enlisted blow for clear understanding.

  • All the eye tests carried on by qualified Eye Doctors
  • Therapies provided for ailments
  • Surgeries that are not under the purview of the Insurance cover
  • Dental surgeries that are out of the purview of the insurance cover
  • Cleft Lip and Palate related treatments
  • Enhanced Primary care attention
  • End to end treatment of Chronic Diseases

Exert Control Over Your Healthcare Insurance

Availing services of Private Health Care Insurance Coverage make you choose the type of treatment you want to go in for various kinds of ailments. Private Medical Health Insurance also offers the facility to choose your preferred healthcare professional and hospital. This is not possible in Medicare solutions provided by the public bodies.

Private Medical Insurance Coverage offers the opportunity to choose specialist services and special kinds of treatments whenever you want to avail the same. They support your plan to get treated in hospitals and clinics situated overseas. This is one of the major advantages of having Private Health Insurance Cover over Medicare provided by public service utility.

Why opt to stand in long queues?

Choosing Medicare over private Insurance Companies makes you stand in long queues for availing every type of their conservative services. On the contrary, Private Medical Insurance providers offer quickly in every aspect owing to their amazing infrastructure. This makes you avail their services quicker than when compared with the typical Medicare.

Private Insurance Policies offer you the convenience of selecting your service provider and fixing an appointment with them as per your suitable timing. The only requirement is a thorough knowledge about the complete coverage of a Private Medical Insurance policy offers.

Be your boss – Choose only what you want

We have so far seen the many advantages available in going in for Private Medical Insurance Policies. Private Medical Insurance coverage gives you’re the liberty to chose the levels of coverage you want to have. This means you can specify the ailments and treatment for which you want to get covered.

Private Medical Insurance coverage gets you rid of the penalty aspect associated with Medicare policies. Much Dental care and optic care service providers join hands with the private Medical care provider to bring in quicker options of service and novel medical coverage options. It acts as a huge boon to all concerned who in for Private Medical Insurance.

Every human being wants to be protected from health-related ailments in a proper way. The expectation of this protection is just complete support on time and peace of mind regarding the financial aspects involved. Private Medical Insurance serves both these purposes in an apt manner.

It is totally up to you to choose the exact medical cover you want to take up with the specific private health insurance provider. Be clear about the comparative aspects between similar providers and choose the best one among the same that suits your exact requirements.




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