Oral Health And Your Immune System


There are strong links between your oral health. Put it like this, if you don’t look after your oral health, it increases the chances of you experiencing adverse health conditions as well. For example, high levels of glucose consumption can not only damage your teeth but can also cause diabetes.

Your mouth should be considered as the first line of defence and what you eat reflects on the state of your oral health. Equally, a strong look and feel of your teeth indicate how healthy you are.

Another common denominator between oral health and overall health can also be your oral routine. Should your oral routine be weak, this will reflect when you smile when your teeth suffer from discolouration, wear-and-tear and weak gums.

Studies have found that your immune system and oral health are linked.

Let’s discuss how. 

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The Immune System And Bacteria

Your immune system plays an essential role in protecting your body from harmful substances and germs. The antigens attach to the immune system cells so that the system fights off those substances. An antigen is a disease-causing germ linked to bacteria, which regularly builds up in our mouths, and most oral health problems are triggered by harmful bacteria build-up.

Dental Plaque – After eating, food naturally lands in and around your teeth and tongue. This forms a bacterial substance called dental plaque, which coats your teeth if food debris remains inside the mouth. This is the first initial sign of tooth decay. Plaque also causes the build-up of white blood cells, which can carry the risk of heart disease.

Gum Disease – Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that can damage soft tissue. Gum disease also weakens the bone, retracting the strength it needs to hold your teeth in place. Gum disease will slow down the healing nature of your immune system and oral bacteria plays a role in diabetes. You can read here to learn how to prevent it from happening.

Cavities – Cavities appear as tiny openings or holes in the centre of the tooth when the underlying nerves are exposed. This is likely to be due to the high levels of sugar consumed. The bacteria build-up combines with sugars to form into acids, causing an acid attack. When this happens, this dissolves the enamel, causing the hole. Your gums are at serious risk of infection and inflammation which can penetrate inside the bloodstream. Strong oral hygiene with a healthier diet will see to this and reduce the damage.

Stress – The ability of your immune system to fight off bacteria can decrease when you’re stressed, meaning your immune system cannot function accordingly to fight off bacteria. Stress can become a dangerous habit for your oral health.

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Oral Health Tips To Keep Immune System Strong

Strong oral health keeps your immune system strong. Start taking care of your mouth by following the below.

  • Use Brush To Floss Your Teeth – Fluoride toothpaste contains enamel-strengthening properties that help to prevent cavity and reduce gum disease. Use fluoride to brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Eat More Vegetables – Sugar is the major culprit for a poor immune system and oral health. Start reducing your sugar content and begin to consume calcium-rich foods. Calcium is a property that your enamel needs. You can find calcium in fruit and vegetables.
  • Start Flossing – Sometimes, food can remain stuck inside the mouth in-between your teeth. If that’s the case, start flossing in between the teeth to remove any particles that remain as this can ensure bacteria levels remain low.

So, you can see that there is a strong link between oral health and overall health. Therefore, start to maintain a strong oral routine for a stronger white smile. Want some help? Tell us! We at Simply Dental Chatswood would be more than happy to help.


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