6. O.H. Reid Memorial Park

Sometimes after spending too much time in an urban area, you just need to escape to a green wide open space. O. H. Reid Memorial Park provides the perfect space for many Chatswood residents and guests to do just that.

Park History

The park was named for Oswald Hector Reid, who was a member of a local cricket association. He was also a well-known and respected football player in the area. The land for the park was acquired for public recreation in 1933.

A plaque to commemorate Gary Crossley was erected in 2006. Crossley worked hard to ensure that the park’s land was retained for public use when it faced an uncertain future. A statue of this man’s dog, who always walked the park with him, can be found nearby.

Visitors to the park can also find an owl etched into a rock. It memorialises a prominent community figure who spent many hours in this community space. Dr. Stella Cornelius is remembered by this etching as well as the inscription about how wise owls dream and then make those dreams come true.

What’s in it for the Kids?

The park also contains a lovely playground and sandpit that are sure to delight children of all ages. One of the exciting things about this park’s sandpit is that it includes a diprotodon dig. This special feature allows children to feel like paleontologists as they “discover” an ancient dinosaur.

This park features a barbecue so that families can enjoy a lovely cookout in fresh air. Nearby, there is a sports ground where children’s sports teams can practice and dogs can roam free.

Once you have toured O. H. Reid Memorial park you must pay Muston Park a visit as well.

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