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New Patients

What New Patients Can Expect Upon First Visit

Your first dental visit is of utmost importance and we pride ourselves in making it a personalized experience. Here is what a patient can expect at our dental clinic.


Upon entering, our Patient Service Representative will welcome you in and offer a seat in the waiting room. This is when you will be asked to begin filling out all relevant paperwork as a new patient. This process will take no longer than 10-15 minutes and patients are asked to be prepared for it.

It’s highly recommended to come to the clinic in advance and give yourself time to fill out these forms. It’s best to come 15-20 minutes before the appointment. This will ensure you’re able to fill out the paperwork and get ready for your first meeting with our experienced dental team. If necessary, patients are welcome to fill out the relevant paperwork in advance and bring it to the office at the time of their appointment. This can help expedite the process and ensure everything is in check beforehand. In the waiting room, you will be greeted by your Patient Service Representative who will get you started on your new patient paperwork.

In-Depth Examination

At this stage, you will get the chance to meet with your dentist and walk through your dental/medical history. The dentist will inquire about potential oral health concerns and what can be done to make you as comfortable as possible. Please note, we welcome questions at any stage of the visit and encourage patients to inquire if necessary.

Once this step is complete, the dental visit will move forward with an in-depth examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This can include the use of panoramic radiographs or x-rays.

The examination can help detect potential oral health conditions including sinus troubles, lesions, and/or fractures.

Our team is dedicated to using safe and proven examination methods to offer patients a comfortable experience. Patients are welcome to ask for all exam results and will be offered a copy afterward.

Consultation With Your Dental Team 

New Patients Consultation Dental TeamAfter the dental examination has been completed, our dental team will sit down and begin mapping out a comprehensive dental treatment plan based on your needs. We will discuss our findings along with potential treatment options for the pending concerns.

Your dentist will use their expertise and illustrate what the best course of action is. Once again, you are welcome to ask questions and will always have a final say in what transpires.

Treatment Plan

Once all of the relevant treatment details have been discussed, we will move forward with a copy of our treatment plan. This treatment plan is going to include what’s recommended, our quote, and all other essential information.

Please feel free to call in and ask further questions with regards to the visit, treatment plan, and everything else associated with the location. A robust treatment plan is guaranteed to all patients and this is something we pride ourselves in. The estimate will always be fair, competitive, and detailed.