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Why You Must Visit Taronga Zoo When In Sydney

If you are in the Sydney area you must stop and visit the Taronga Zoo. To get there, take a quick 15-minute ferry ride from the Circular Quay. The Taronga Zoo has a rich history, some beautiful architectural features, and some great animal exhibits.


The Taronga Zoo was founded in 1916. Previous zoos in Sydney were much smaller. Albert Sherbourne Le Souef dreamed of a zoo that did not require its animals to stay in cages. He went looking for bigger areas and finally found a large parcel near the Harbour. He named it Taronga which literally means beautiful zoo in Aborigine.


One of the coolest features of the Taronga Zoo is the Rustic Bridge. It was created in 1915 and designed to look even older. It is a beautiful bridge that allows visitors to cross a gully. It looks old and picturesque.  It is a great place to get your picture taken.


An interesting fact about the Taronga Zoo is in 2014 Prince William and Kate Middleton took their son George to visit.  They immensely enjoyed the views and the animals. They fed the giraffes and got to touch many species. The highlight was probably Prince George meeting the Bilby that was named after him.  Prince William and Prince George got to feed him beef and it was a delightful experience for the entire family.


The Zoo features over 4000 animals. The Taronga Zoo has an excellent breeding program. It began when they got several elephants a few years ago with the aim to breed them.  In 2009 their dreams came true and Australia’s first elephant birth happened. They named the little boy elephant Luk Chai. They have been very successful in breeding many animals such as Tasmanian Devils, Corroboree Frogs, Little Penguins, and many other animals.


Another great exhibit at the Taronga Zoo is the chimpanzees.  It is home to over 19 Chimps that are both male and female. It is especially interesting to see the alpha male, beta male, senior female, and the roles of the rest of the Chimpanzees. You will be fascinated at the community and family they have created right in the zoo.


Toronga Zoo has recently opened a fun Wild Ropes course. It is a thrilling way to test your balance and face your fears. But probably the best part about the Wild Ropes course is the incredible view of the Sydney Harbour.  


The Taronga Zoo is committed to provide education experiences for children. Each year they provide educational opportunities for over 150,000 students. They host many school excursions.  They have a great program that aims to help children see how they can affect animals. It teaches about living a sustainable life that will be both beneficial to the animals and the entire human population. They also offer free teacher resources that can be used in the classroom.  

Be sure the check out the official Taronga Zoo website for hours and information on tickets.  They offer discounts for purchasing tickets and concession online as opposed to at the gate. Children under 4 are free.

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