Looking To Change Your Dental Practice?

Have you recently decided to change dental practices for the first time? It can be difficult to know what to expect when you step into a new practice as a new patient for the first time. This is because dental practices have their own way of working and their own service. Some practices may be better than others. Either way, when moving to a new practice it is important to know what to expect.


The Four Tips

If you’re feeling anxious about moving to the dentist or are simply unsure how to approach your first visit, read here on what to expect at your first appointment at your new dental practice.

  1. Bring Your Patient and Medication History – Upon registering as a new patient in the dental practice, the dentist will need to assess the current state of your oral health. They have an obligation to your medical and patient records to help understand your medical situation.
  2. Check-Up Examination – Once all document formalities are finished, the first appointment will likely include an examination of your teeth with a check-up and clean procedure. The purpose of the check-up is to gain a better assessment of your oral health. They will check for any problems such as sensitivity, discolouration and any signs of disease. The dentist will ask questions during the procedure such as whether you’ve had any dental concerns in the past, whether any treatments have been administered within the past few months, or if there are currently any health concerns to be aware of.
  3. Recommend Advice And Treatment Plans – When the examination is complete, the dentist will have a better idea on the advice to give to look after your oral health. As a patient, you can either request a treatment plan or simply take the advice the dentist gives you on board. Advice typically includes making sure you adopt positive oral health habits such as brush and floss twice a day, reduce sugar content and general lifestyle changes.
  4. Schedule The Next Appointment – Regular dental check-ups are vital so the dentist can keep track of oral health. The dentist will schedule you for another appointment 6 months from the day of your current appointment. It is important that you keep up with your appointments.


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What We Say…

The first dental visit can be daunting. However, Simply Dental are always welcoming new patients and making them feel settled in a happy, fun and comfortable environment. Although the first appointment involves these four steps amongst many dental practices, patients want to feel welcomed in the practice. The difference in what to expect is all about the service.

If you’re a new patient and seeking a new dental practice, Simply Dental is ready to deliver a service to be proud of to go with a healthy smile. Contact us now to book your first appointment with us!


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