What to Do If Your Dislodged Filling Falls Out


A dental filling requires patients to carry out specific care tips to preserve it, but has your dental filling recently fallen out or dislodged?

First of all, it is important not to panic! It is common for a dental filling to dislodge itself and it is not something that’s immediately serious.

If you’ve suddenly bit down on something, or you feel a sudden shift inside of the affected tooth, it is likely that the dental filling has dislodged. A dislodged filling will become serious if you neglect it and avoid taking the necessary steps to preserve your oral health and reduce any chances of infection.

Patient suffering from dental cavity

If you’re in this position, you need to take the following steps:

Keep The Affected Area Clean

The first thing you must-do if you feel that your filling has dislodged is to keep the affected area clean. This means gently brushing around the affected tooth gently and slowly. This will help remove any food debris and significantly reduce any immediate dangers of bacteria build-up. If you’re in severe pain, continue to brush around the affected area gently. Also, consider gargling with lukewarm water and avoid chewing down on food near the affected area.

Call The Nearest Best Dentist

Calling the dentist is another important step. A dislodged filling could be painful or you may feel no pain at all. Regardless, a dislodged filling can cause infection and tooth decay if not seen to by the dentist. In the event of a dentist not being immediately available, ensure the affected area is clean until an appointment becomes available.

Treat Any Discomfort

If the dislodged filling is painful, consider purchasing over-the-counter medication such as aspirin to provide temporary relief and comfort. A dislodged filling can be painful if the nerve is exposed. Therefore, temporarily numb the area until your appointment. Where there is no pain, this doesn’t mean the dislodged filling should be neglected.

Filling applied to gap in tooth

Can The Filling Be Saved?

A dislodged filling should be retained because the dentist can determine whether to reuse the same filling again. Unlike a lost tooth, a dislodged filling does not need to be stored within milk or in warm temperatures to preserve it. Simply wash the filling and keep it safe.

Following these steps before your appointment will help reduce any panic. It is unlikely that you’ll suffer from any immediate infection providing the affected area is kept clean at all times. This may also involve temporarily halting your favourite foods and drinking more lukewarm water. If the pain becomes more severe and these steps do not work, contact for emergency dental treatment.

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