Is Your Child Fearful of The Dentist? Follow These 5 Preparation Tips


Reassuring your child before their visit to the pediatric dentist is one of the more difficult tasks. We’ve all been through it as toddlers, and its time to pass the baton. Children should be booked into the dentist as soon as their first tooth begins to appear. If the time has come for this, check them in with your local pediatrician.

Milk teeth should appear around six months, and the earlier they get acclimated to the surroundings of a dentist with regular appointments, it’s likely they’ll begin to feel happier and relaxed for future appointments.


The Five Preparation Tips

If you’re in a position where your child is suffering from fear and anxiety before their appointment, follow these five preparation tips to get them ready:

  1. Tell Them Early – When an appointment with the dentist is booked, it’s important your child is told of it early. In uncomfortable or unknown situations, children need time to digest things that they’re not used to. Whilst they may feel scared first, continue to reassure them why visiting the dentist is good for them. This should ease their fears.
  2. Perform Role Play – Roleplay is a successful technique because it makes your child aware of what to expect with their appointment. Use friendly language that they understand and play out a typical dentist appointment. You can even purchase some toy-dental equipment to enact the appointment.
  3. Distract Their Mind With Their Favourite Toy – As you take your child to the dentist, or before they’re called into their appointment, be by their side whilst they’re having fun with their favorite toy. This should keep them distracted and relax them as they visit the dentist. A distracted mind will help them forget the fears of the dentist when they arrive.
  4. Choose An Appropriate Appointment Time – It’s recommended that an appointment with the dentist for your child is booked when they are energized. A mid-morning appointment is a great appointment time. Ideally, book it within the holidays and not on a school day, especially after school because they may feel tired and become defensive.
  5. Tell The Dentist Early – If your child is scared of their appointment, the dentist will do their best in making sure your child’s visit is as comfortable as possible. This may include transforming the dental room into a child-environment filled with child-like products and cuddly toys. Dentists are very experienced in supporting you and your child and the clinic.

Children's dentist

Is Your Child Prepared?

The development of healthy milk teeth is important so that their smile shines through to adulthood. If they catch cavities early, their teeth will become decayed whilst they’re young, damaging their long-term oral health. Everyone as a child was once fearful of the dentist, and it is important that as a parent, you draw on your own experiences to help your child prepare. Dentists have experienced all kinds of attitudes within children during their visit and are extremely supportive. Therefore, lean on their support if required.

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If your child’s appointment with the dentist is coming up, and you need further advice to prepare them for the visit, Simply Dental is ready to keep your child’s smile shining through. Contact us now and speak to our helpful dental team.


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