How To Prevent Periodontal Disease

Signs of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is the most severe stage of gum disease, originating from dental plaque forming underneath the gum line. Plaque is a sticky substance filled with bacteria that coat around your teeth causing infection. The infection can spread towards your gum and bone and you could then need emergency treatment.

Periodontal disease also causes gum inflammation, which can cause adverse health conditions if the bacteria penetrate the bloodstream if your gums recede because this allows the bacteria to go past the gums and into the body.

How can you halt periodontal disease? Well, it is quite difficult to at home because of the severity of the condition. Your best bet is to visit the dentist as early as you can for treatment. Below outlines the steps you can take right to ensure periodontal disease does not occur inside your mouth.

Brushing teeth to prevent periodontal disease

Strong Oral Routine

Periodontal disease is likely to stem from the fact that your oral routine is poor. This means you’re either not brushing your teeth twice a day, you’re eating a fad diet or you simply don’t keep your mouth clean during the day. Brush your teeth twice a day with your soft bristle brush and make sure you start flossing as well. Any food particles may become stuck in your teeth, causing bacteria to form.

Visit Your Dentist 

Are you visiting the dentist when you need to? Stop skipping your visits if you’re booked in. It is a sign that you’re not serious about your oral health, but the dentist can perform a scale-and-polish to ensure your teeth and gums are clean. The dentist can see signs in your teeth that you won’t be able to see.

Reducing Smoking and Alcohol

If you regularly drink and smoke, periodontal disease is highly likely. Smoking builds up tartar and is a symptom of infection. Eliminate smoking completely. Alcohol also has an impact, where saliva production decreases causing dry mouth. Dry mouth also reduces protection from acids, and an increase of these can lead to early stages of periodontal disease

Stress can cause periodontal disease

Avoid Stress

If you’re feeling stressed in life, it does have an impact on your oral health because it can weaken your immune system, making it difficult to fend off any infections or bacteria. This can cause penetration through the gums, causing periodontal disease.

A healthy immune system is vitally important to fight off bacteria and infection. Maintain strong oral hygiene and make the required lifestyle changes for your teeth and gums to remain strong. Doing this will also protect your overall health from disease and infection.

If you’re seeking support with gum disease, tell us! We will accommodate you as soon as we can for treatment at Simply Dental Chatswood. Click here to contact us now.


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