How Stress Impacts Oral Health

Man showing signs of stress

The last thing you think about when you’re stressed is if stress impacts oral health. Your mind will be focused on the pressing matters that are causing stress, not any other external factors and impacts.

Stress isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Yes, stress impacts oral health, and it can have serious consequences for your teeth and gums. Let’s look at it from another angle, if you’re stressed, will you pay attention to your oral health?

In the event of one feeling stressed, there are effects on your oral health. Let’s take a look at the ways stress impacts oral health.

Lady showing signs of stress

Neglecting Oral Hygiene

If y0u’re feeling stressed, you’re more than likely to neglect your oral hygiene. This means not performing certain steps in your oral routine that you usually would. This is likely to be because your mind is on other pressing matters, and you will stop paying attention to brushing your teeth at night, for example, or rinsing your mouth after a meal. You may even neglect your diet by consuming anything that’s quick to eat, rather than managing your meals with the right nutrients and minerals.

Temporomandibular (TMJ) Disorder

TMJ disorder is a jaw condition, specific to the associated muscles that move the jaw and neck. Stress and anxiety are two attributing factors to TMJ disorder which causes the overuse of jaw muscles. This causes your teeth to clench and grind together. If you begin to experience jaw joint pain or if your jaw clicks, you should consult your dentist for a further diagnosis.

Canker Sores

Canker Sores are what are known as mouth ulcers that form directly in the mouth. Sores such as this occur either through dental trauma, physical accident, accidental biting of the cheek and emotional stress. Canker stores are highly prevalent when stress levels are high, according to research.

Gum Disease

Research has identified that there is a link between gum disease and stress. When you are stressed, your gums are in danger of catching bacteria because stress lowers the ability of your immune system to fight off bacteria. This can also cause inflammation of the gums. Eventually, you’re on the way to experiencing gum disease.

Man grinding his teeth

Teeth Grinding

When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to grind your teeth. You’re also likely to perform teeth grinding when you’re stressed. It is performed unconsciously, meaning you’re not aware that you’re grinding your teeth. It is important to understand the signs and seek support from the dentist. Some signs include the tip of the tooth appearing flat, the enamel is weakening and feelings of insensitivity. Read here to learn more about how you can find out if you suffer from teeth grinding.

So, if you neglect your oral health and are regularly stressed, what can happen? Well, your teeth can degrade in shape and appearance. This means you’re going to suffer from natural wear and tear of teeth and potentially gum disease. Therefore, you’re more likely to need emergency treatment first, be aware that stress is causing an issue, and understand its oral health impacts. Stress is an avoidable habit through relaxation methods that can help you feel lighter and, as a result, save your oral health.

Are you suffering from regular stress and are worried about how stress impacts oral health? We at Simply Dental Chatswood are more than happy to assist you. Check yourself in for an appointment today by clicking here.




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