11. Hallstrom Park

Hallstrom Park

This park, located on Small Street in Willoughby, features an intriguing layout and charming attractions that make it the perfect place to spend time together as a family. Even though the park may be on the small side, it makes up for its size in character.


Hallstrom Park was named for Sir Edward Hallstrom. As the owner of the Silent Knight Refrigerator Factory, he was a successful businessman who amassed a decent wealth. To give back to his community, he donated 3,000 pounds in 1946 to be used in the redevelopment of the land . This eventually became Hallstrom Park, an attraction for all ages to enjoy.

The playground design is reminiscent of the Taronga Zoo because this institution was significant in Hallstrom’s life. He served as the zoo’s chairman of the board for ten years. Built in 1998, the current playground was recently updated in 2016.


This attraction features some adorable play equipment that you cannot find anywhere else. There is a “musicosaurus” that is completely interactive, designed by Jerome Lynons. You will also find forged metal artistic work by Phil Spark and Libby Tulip. Kids love the sandpit and water pump. Finally, you will come across sandstone animals carved by Chris Bennett, accompanied by sense activated sound elements.

It also features barbecue plates, restrooms, picnic tables, a gazebo, and a bike track designed for children.


The entirety of the park can be accessed through a gently undulating path. There is also a slide that requires no steps to enjoy. Two accessible parking spots can be found near the Small Street entrance. The park even includes an accessible toilet to be more inclusive.

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