Food And Drink That Stain Teeth


Having stains on your teeth can reduce confidence in your smile. With this feeling, teeth become hidden particularly in public and it reduces self esteem and the feel good factor about yourself. It is proven that smiling leads to positive moods and emotions. If stubborn stains on your teeth are preventing this, alongside a cosmetic dentistry appointment, there are remedies and solutions available to restore the shine to your teeth.

One of the key remedies to reduce stains in your teeth is the foods that you eat. What you’re probably unaware of is the foods that you eat can cause stubborn stains that can’t be removed through brushing teeth.This means a visit to the dentist is necessary to remove them.


Whilst your teeth are still shining, it is important that you consider taking measures to change your diet and integrate more clear foods. Let’s take a look at the foods you stay away from to keep the stains away.

The Stay Away Food And Drink

  1. Coffee – Coffee will no doubt darken your teeth. Coffee is a drink that is consumed by many people every single day and your teeth will naturally absorb the contents leading to dark stains. It is recommended that you drink coffee as a treat or on a rare occasion. If you do drink coffee, consider adding milk to lighten its colour. Milk also delivers a source of calcium, strengthening your teeth and gums.
  2. Sodas – Sodas contain natural sweeteners which are very bad for your teeth. Through sugar and acid, the enamel will erode very quickly and your teeth can become decayed. Avoid drinking sodas regularly and reduce it to a treat.
  3. Citrus Foods – Foods that contain citrus include lemon, clementine and tomatoes. Again, citrus foods contain acid which will damage your enamel. The underlying dentin will also be exposed meaning your teeth will become yellow unexpectedly. Even if a squeeze of lemon or line is added to water, it is not exactly the right choice.
  4. Dark Fruits – Fruits may contain natural antioxidants, dark fruits such as berries and pomegranates are a big culprit of staining teeth. The ingredients unfortunately contain lots of staining properties. If you eat fruits from time to time, consider rinsing your mouth with water straight after.
  5. Sauces and Vinegar – Too much sauces such as soy sauce or worcester sauce are dark liquids that can stain teeth. Whilst soy sauce is high in sodium, these sauces are also linked with high blood pressure. Vinegar such as balsamic and red vinegar can be used as a dressing for salads, but vinegar also contains acids that can leave stains behind on teeth. If you’re a fan of vinegar, consider using malt vinegar instead.

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Further Advice…

It is never easy to leave your favourite food and drink behind. However, for the sake of your oral health, it is important to adjust your diet to keep the white shining through on your teeth. Whilst the above foods don’t have to be eliminated from your diet permanently, it is recommended that they’re consumed in moderation. Regularly book appointments with the dentist for scale and polish treatment to enhance the shine on your teeth and to keep the stains away.

If you’re seeking further advice on how to keep your teeth clean and shiny, Simply Dental is ready to serve you. Contact our Chatswood dental team to learn how to keep your teeth white for longer.


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