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Do You Need To Visit Your Hygienist For A Check Up And Clean? This Is How You Benefit From It

If you’re struggling to remove those stubborn dark stains from your teeth, why not get them removed permanently by our professional dentists?

Fundamentally, dark and dirty teeth are formed by poor dental hygiene. It can become difficult to remove those stains through your hygiene routine of daily brushing and flossing. There are other things you will need to update in your lifestyle to maintain the shine on your teeth. In the meantime, we take a look at how you can benefit from a check-up and clean (formally known as scale-and-polish), from the dental hygienist.

Dental checkup with hygienist

Take a look at the five benefits below that you can enjoy from check-up and clean treatment from the hygienist.

The Five Benefits

  1. You Adopt And Maintain Positive Oral Health – If you look after your teeth, the results are long-term. Keep a consistent oral routine to keep your overall mouth structure including gums and jaw, strong. Plaque, tartar, and debris are removed with scale-and-polish to keep the mouth clean from bacteria or infection. Do your bit to keep your teeth healthy and shiny.
  2. You Limit Chances Of Oral Cancer – You never know when a problem in your mouth can occur, this also includes risks of oral cancer. The hygienist will perform a cancer screening procedure upon every appointment. This is treatable if caught early by the hygienist.
  3. It Restores Your Confidence – With teeth in the best condition, it will restore your confidence and self-esteem. The opportunities become endless which you never thought exist before with dark, discolored teeth. You can transform your life with a healthy, shiny smile.
  4. Your Teeth Become White – Although this may sound like a cliché and obvious, whitening your teeth is only half the treatment. Whilst aesthetically your teeth look beautiful, your oral health also becomes stronger. There is no need to fork out for further expensive whitening treatment to maintain the shine. Adopt positive oral hygiene and a balanced diet as a minimum to keep those stubborn stains off.
  5. You Limit Chances Of Gum Disease – Gum disease is likely to form if you’re missing a tooth and haven’t got it treated early. You don’t initially experience any pain which is why you can be unsure on the state of your teeth. The hygienist assesses your gums and removes deposits to keep disease chances to a minimum.

Regular dental checkups carry many important factors for your oral health. Read here to find out what they are.


A dental hygienist, just like your own dentist wants the best results for your teeth. Whilst the roles may differ slightly, a hygienist is able to perform more aesthetic treatments to transform the look and feel of your teeth. The benefits above all encapsulate positive oral hygiene and strong teeth that is why visiting a dentist for dental checkups is important.

If you’re due a check-up and clean and want to transform your smile, visit us at Simply Dental Chatswood. Our prime objective is to deliver excellence with longstanding results. Book your check-up here now!


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