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Life events are almost always prompted by the taking of memorable photos.

Weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, trips abroad; all of these occasions warrant group photos, with everyone showing off their elated smiles to the camera.

Don’t you want to see your best smile when the time comes to look back on these special moments?

If you need to make positive changes to your oral health, our dedicated, friendly staff at Simply Dental Lane Cove are here to help capture your very best smile on camera!

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For dental work of the highest quality along with the assistance of experienced professionals to complete the task, call on our exceptional dentists in Lane Cove.

Make an appointment with our dentist in Chatswood – we have many patients who come from Lane Cove.

Fill the gap left by missing teeth; take advantage of our exceptional dental implants.

For a shiny, luminous smile, look into our various teeth whitening options. And, most importantly, make regular appointments for checkups and cleanings twice a year to avoid dental problems that could easily be prevented.

No matter why you need to come in, making an appointment with Simply Dental Lane Cove can guarantee a stress-free environment for handling all of your oral health needs.  

We offer cost-effective solutions and payment plan support, so there’s available financial help for nearly any patient’s situation.

Simply Dental Lane Cove aims to serve our community with the best in oral checkups, cleanings, and treatments to give everyone the exceptional oral health they deserve.

Our modern offices are also equipped with music and movie choices for your perusal, to help ease your mind while any procedures are taking place.

Indulge in a relaxing, spa-like environment while also bettering your health — it’s a win-win situation!

Give the Simply Dental Lane Cove team a call and make an appointment to give your teeth the loving care they deserve.


Children’s Dentistry Plans are Always Accepted Here

Though dental appointments are not a fun trip for the kids, it’s crucial to get them started early in receiving dental treatments during their growing years.

Our team certainly acknowledges that children are hesitant when it comes to attending dental appointments. For this reason, we do our best to calm their nerves with friendly service and gentle care.

We want your children to enjoy coming back to our cheerful office, receiving oral hygiene treatments and tips to guide them through a long, happy life of dental excellence.

And there’s no reason to worry over financial issues: your child may be eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), and we’ll help guide you through the process to save you the stress of expensive payments.

The Simply Dental Lane Cove staff has all the expertise, experience and knowledge to provide your entire family with the greatest dental care available.

We can advise helpful solutions for life-long care, starting from preventive treatments for a baby’s gums, to securing first molars with necessary sealants around their elementary years.

Our dental professionals recommend that you start a consistent dental plan for your kid’s oral health anywhere between ages 5 and 12 months when your child’s first teeth start coming in.

Furthermore, we encourage parents to bring their children in for a regular checkup, for early detection and prevention of dental problems.

So bring the whole family into our Simply Dental Lane Cove office. Our friendly, professional staff would be more than happy to help you along every step of the way.

Make Regular Checkups and Cleanings Part of Your Schedule

Everyone should be extremely vigilant when it comes to caring for their teeth, and that means sticking to a biannual schedule of cleanings as a lifelong plan.

We offer everything you’ll need to maintain your winning smile, including the initial check-up, X-rays, cleanings, polishings, and fluoride treatment your teeth will be happy to receive.

For new patients, our dentists perform a comprehensive oral exam, including a check of your soft tissues including the tongue, cheeks, and the interior of the mouth. This is necessary for discovering any potential growths, discolourations, etc.

Following this, our professional team will examine each individual tooth for decay, including any previous dental work like existing tooth fillings or crowns/bridges.

Periodontal screenings will also take place, checking the gumline for bleeding or disease. Finally, X-rays will be taken to diagnose any further problems in areas that are invisible to the naked eye.

Once the exam has taken place, the cleaning will begin whereby our supportive staff will remove any tartar and plaque, apply fluoride for preventative care and share their findings with you for any necessary ailments that need addressing in future appointments.

All it takes is a simple phone call to Simply Dental Lane Cove, and you could be on the path to a greater, healthier smile in no time.

Dental Emergencies are Handled Quickly and Efficiently

Dental accidents can be just as serious as any other trauma to the body, so making sure to seek out the help of a professional when in need of emergency dental care is vital.

Many assume their dental problems aren’t bad enough to need treatment; however, severe tooth pain or gum swelling can be incredibly uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous.

If your dental pain turns from manageable to unbearable, Simply Dental Lane Cove is a quick phone call away, prepared to take on any oral health woes.

We accept emergency patients and will do our best to give you necessary relief, even with short notice.

While we generally set aside time for emergency patients on a daily basis, any emergency treatments required outside of normal business hours will result in an added fee.

Call us for more information.

We’re prepared to answer any of your questions and are equipped to find you the best solutions for your emergency.

If you’re experiencing what you believe is a dental emergency, call our Simply Dental Lane Cove office immediately for help. We’ll be standing by, ready to assist.



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