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Do you need dental services in the suburb of Balmain? Worry not! Simply Dental Chatswood is always ready to help. Our facility uses the latest technology and innovation for the safest and most effective dental treatments possible. Our team is composed of highly trained dental professionals. They will make sure that your treatment plan will address and solve all of your dental health concerns.

General Dentistry Services from Dentist Balmain

Our general dental services can cover the majority of all dental and oral health problems. These include:

  1. Check-up and Clean - On your initial visit, our dental team will give you a complete dental check-up to assess the current condition of your teeth. We can also perform a deep cleaning to prepare your teeth for other treatments that you will need.
  2. Children's Dentistry - Children’s teeth need to develop correctly for optimal functionality. We closely monitor your child’s oral development and address issues upfront to prevent them from causing more significant problems as they grow.
  3. Dental Emergency - For urgent concerns, we accept same-day appointments. Our clinic has available spots for dental emergencies. You don’t have to suffer at home because of your painful teeth.
  4. Dental Implants - For missing teeth, dental implants work best to restore natural tooth functionality. These prosthetics are embedded into the gums like tooth roots, then topped with a crown for a natural look.
  5. Root Canal Treatment - To get rid of extreme tooth pain, we usually recommend root canal treatment. This procedure removes the tooth pulp and nerve to eliminate the painful sensation in the damaged tooth.
  6. Snoring and sleep disorder - Our dental team offers top-notch diagnosis and treatment options for patients who suffer from sleep apnea. Treating sleep apnea can be the answer to a good night’s sleep.
  7. Tooth Extraction - Do you have painful wisdom teeth? Or is one of your teeth completely decayed? We perform tooth extractions to remove unrestorable damaged teeth as well as impacted wisdom teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry Services from Dentist Balmain

Improve your smile and get a confidence boost with one of our cosmetic dental solutions. These aim to make your smile brighter and more beautiful:

  1. Dental fillings - Tooth-coloured dental fillings are an option for making your teeth whiter and more radiant. They can be used to replace gradually worn down structures, fix cavities, or even restore discoloured enamel.
  2. Crowns - For more extensive cavities, we recommend crowns to cover more of the tooth surface. They also work best for restoring tooth structure, especially after root canal treatment.
  3. Bridges - To replace a single missing tooth in between two healthy teeth, we use bridges that sit atop adjacent crowns. Bridges help restore tooth structure and functionality even without a root.
  4. Veneers - For a more aesthetic approach, we use veneers to cover up damaged front teeth. Veneers have a more natural and bright appearance than crowns.
  5. Teeth whitening - If you have discoloured teeth and feel embarrassed to show them off, whitening is the best solution. We offer a safe and effective professional in-home teeth whitening kit that can make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter.

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