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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers can brighten up your smile

Dental Veneers – Look Good, Feel Good About Yourself

Our reasons for wanting to see a dentist may vary.

Oftentimes it is because we are in pain or suffering from dental discomfort. But sometimes, it may just be a matter of wanting to improve our looks. After all, if we have a winning smile, it will be there for us anytime we need it.

One of the options you might want to consider to improve your smile is dental veneers. In fact, they can be used to cover or conceal a variety of different problems.

There are different options for how veneers can be created. Some are made from porcelain; others from resin composite material. In either case, these are thin shells bonded to the front of teeth to cover them and improve their appearance.

In either case, they are created as very thin shells and are designed to be put on the front of the teeth to cover them and improve their appearance.

teeth cover

The shells are created and customized to your own needs. Once bonded to your teeth, they can greatly improve your smile in many ways. They can affect the colour, size, shape and length of your teeth.


Reasons To Choose Dental Veneers

Mask Tooth Discolouration

One of the most common reasons people choose veneers is to mask tooth discolouration. This problem can occur for different reasons, from tetracycline stains to discolouration from root canals. Even excessive fluoride use can cause tooth discolouration.

Cover Chipped, Worn Down or Broken Teeth

Another use for veneers is to cover teeth that are chipped, worn down or broken. They can also give new shape to your teeth when they are irregular or misaligned.

For some people, they are used to close the gaps between the teeth. In any case, they have the ability to give you a perfect smile.


Dental Veneers Procedure

In order to get dental veneers, you will need to visit your Dentist Chatswood multiple times. Typically, it is a 3 step process but you can do as many of your teeth simultaneously as you like.

1. Teeth Diagnosis and Planning

The first step is to go in for a proper diagnosis and some initial planning. Your dentist will give your teeth a thorough check to make sure veneers are an appropriate option for you.

X-rays may be taken and your dentist might want to take impressions of your teeth as well.

healthy teeth2. Preparation

In order for the veneers to be put in place, the teeth need to be prepared. A thin layer of enamel must be removed from the surface of the tooth to make room for the veneer.

This may be done under local anesthesia, depending on your comfort level. At this point, impressions will be made of the teeth and they will be sent to the dental laboratory.

3. Teeth Cleaning and Etching

It typically takes a few weeks for the veneers to be ready. The teeth will be further prepared with cleaning and etching to allow for a strong bond.

The veneer will then be bonded into place permanently with a special type of cement. After cleaning up the excess cement and evaluating the job, your teeth will be finished.

Dental veneers are an option that can certainly improve your appearance, giving you the confidence to show your beautiful smile again.

So, what are you waiting for?

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