Dental Fillings – Cost and Procedures

Dental filling cost and procedures

If a dental cavity has developed on your tooth, you’ve probably thought about getting a dental filling but are unsure about the overall dental filling cost. It is normal for patients to ask this question, particularly those who have never had a dental filling.

If a patient has a moderately deteriorated tooth in the form of a dental cavity, which is a little opening or hole created on the surface of her teeth, dental fillings are a popular treatment option.

Dental cavities can develop for several reasons, including bacterial plaque buildup, frequent sugary snacks, and improper brushing and flossing techniques. Therefore, the hole must be covered to prevent further damage.

What Other Reasons Would I Need A Dental Filling?

Early on, tooth decay doesn’t often show any signs. When the decay starts to worsen, it is easier to see that a filling is required. Let’s examine these signs and symptoms other than dental cavities:

  • Tooth Sensitivity – When you eat particular foods at both hot and cold temperatures, do your teeth feel sensitive?
  • Filling Has Dislodged – You might have had a filling put in, but it has come loose and has to be replaced. This might induce extremely sensitive symptoms when dislodged.
  • A Chipped or Cracked Tooth — Has your tooth developed a chip or crack? If a deep or thin line or a chip on the biting tip appears along the tooth’s surface, you should be able to tell.
  • Throbbing Pain – Do you frequently get throbbing pain in your mouth? This may become more frequent when eating and speaking.

What Is A Typical Dental Filling Cost?

The dental filling cost for patients is a million-dollar question. Although you are aware that you require a dental filling, you are unable to estimate the financial toll that treatment may have on you.

Several variables can affect the final dental filling cost. For example

  • Location – In Australia, Sydney and Melbourne tend to be the most expensive cities for dental care due to their higher prices for dental services.
  • Tooth Location – Fillings that may be needed in the molars towards the back of the mouth are likely to be a little more challenging to treat, which could affect the overall cost.
  • Number of Fillings Required – If more than one filling is necessary, it signifies that more than one tooth must be treated.

A simple dental filling cost can start from $300, but this may increase if you require a more complex filling.

Below is a breakdown glance of the different filling types and the general cost in Australia.

Amalgam Fillings The most popular choice of filling for patients due to their strength, and for durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is also a simpler material for dentists to fit into the cavity. Amalgam fillings cost starts from $150
Composite Fillings A composite filling is a white or tooth-coloured material made of a resin material that hardens itself. It is a popular choice as it blends naturally with your smile. Although, its life span is short.  Composite fillings cost expects to start from $130.
Gold Inlays & Onlays Gold fillings are cemented into place and can last for more than 20 years.  It is the most expensive yet the most durable. They fit precisely on the tooth structure and are as strong as dental crowns. Gold, inlays & Onlays typically start from $300.
Ceramic Fillings are Made of porcelain that’s more durable and attractive. If you’re looking for a filling to support your beaming smile, this is a worthwhile filling to use.  Ceramic filling typically starts from $100.

Are You Due A Dental Filling?

If you’re showing signs that you need a dental filling, then you will need treatment to protect and save the tooth from further damage. There are many different dental fillings available that all come with a variable cost. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consult your local dentist in Chatswood and dentist in Willoughby to determine which filling suits your dental needs.


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