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A Day At Sydney Olympic Park

Visit Sydney Olympic Park With The Family For Some Fun


Sydney Olympic Park is located in the Auburn community of New South Wales in Australia. Specifically located on Australia Avenue, the Olympic Park is an enormous venue. Have you heard of the Royal Easter Show? As you can imagine, many events are held at this park. You can also book a great hotel in that area, too. Discover more about Sydney Olympic Park, and whether you stay in the area or not, you’ll definitely want to visit.


The park is an Olympic legacy. If you’re looking at the event schedule to try and plan out what you want to do, there are great concerts held there. You will also discover some wonderful restaurants in the area, too. There is a great park that you can take your kids to play in, and families also enjoy the train rides offered there.


Are you a sports fan? If so, this park is definitely a place you will want to check out. There is something for everyone though, and as mentioned, there are great concerts held there. The entire area is said to be quite spacious and clean. Expect to see excellent facilities, and you are going to have all kinds of fun.


You’re not too far away from the business district in Sydney, too. The whole area is so enormous that’s it’s actually considered a suburb of Sydney. In other words, there is a lot to see and do there. Do you remember the 2000 Olympic Games?


The stadium located at the park is quite an architectural gem. It’s one of those buildings like the Sydney Opera House that people just have to see when traveling. Did you know that the entire suburb has a population of just over 1700 people? That’s not counting all of the tourists that visit the area each year.


It’s quite the busy little district, and you’re going to enjoy looking around. Since it will take awhile, make sure you get the name of a good restaurant while there. The development of the park area in 2000 was mentioned, but there has actually been quite a lot of work done since then, too. There are new hotels in the area, like Pullman Hotel.


After all, it has been almost two decades since the park played host to the Olympic Games. There has also been much development in the parklands are of Sydney Olympic Park. One thing you might want to do while you’re there is just simply take a stroll. You can go walking along the Parramatta River. There are also Heritage sites to see when you visit the park as well.


Does Sydney Olympic Park sound like a place you want to visit? Check out the arts and cultural program while you’re there. Just to give you an idea about the events that are hosted at the park, there are about 5000 of them annually. That’s a lot of different events, and just exploring the area will be quite fun. Take the family on over to Sydney Olympic Park, and you will have a great time.

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