3. Chatswood Interchange

This destination may be one of the easiest in the area to get to because it wraps around the train station in Chatswood. It encompasses four levels of action. Whether you only have a minute because you have to catch the next train or you’ve got some time to kill, Chatswood Interchange is for you.

What Can I Do at the Chatswood Interchange?

Like most other malls, you will find plenty of places to eat and engage in some retail therapy. The food options range from full sit-down restaurants to dessert bars. With dozens of choices available, there is no way you will go hungry. If you need some merchandise, then Chatswood Interchange has you covered there as well. It offers a unique collection of shops including the Japan Home Centre, Monbijou, and Oscar Wylee.

If you’re looking for something besides eating and shopping, then you have still come to the right place. You can get your hair done, get your teeth cleaned, or even donate blood. There is no shortage of options for fun and leisure.

What Sets the Chatswood Interchange Apart?

This retail centre caters to people with busy, demanding lives. With work and family to balance, you may not have time to run to the store often. This mall’s unique location allows you to get everything done that you need during your daily commute.

This centre also provides offerings that many other locations don’t. It is unlikely that you will find a dry cleaner or a money exchange at most complexes, but you will find them both and more here. Also, visiting a dental clinic near Chatswood is easy from here.

Chatsworth Interchange also brings people together through art. A recent initiative the centre has undertaken is entitled “Journey”. This urban mural project seeks to showcase each person’s journey through the collective commuter space. It depicts both the physical and emotional aspects of travelling as well as how the community is affected.

Chatswood Interchange is definitely filled with hustle and bustle. If you are looking for somewhere a little calmer and more relaxing, then you must visit Beauchamp Park.