Can Porcelain Veneers Become Stained?

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When investing in porcelain veneers, you’re seeking a transformation to your smile, and that is exactly what porcelain veneers are designed to do. The veneers are fitted in front of your natural teeth as a thin-shaped shell, and they’re fitted to last for a long time and provide you with that whitening shine.

Regardless of its long shelf life, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your oral health and downgrade it. It is vitally important that you look after your natural teeth as well as your veneers.

A popular question that veneer patients have asked in the past is can porcelain veneers become stained?

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So, Can They?

Porcelain veneers are designed to prevent and limit staining to your veneers. Other materials such as composite veneers can stain more easily. Porcelain veneers are designed to be more resistant to staining. Therefore, if you drink beverages such as coffee, wine and sodas, you won’t notice a change in the shade of your veneers straightaway.

Although, this doesn’t mean that porcelain veneers won’t ever stain in the future. This ultimately depends on your lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to your food and drink choices, and how well you maintain a strong oral routine.

For example, if you eat hard foods or deep-coloured beverages that contain tannins such as coffee and wine, then your veneers will still resist stains.

It is important that you continue to look after your veneers just like you do your natural teeth. This means brushing and flossing your teeth and consider altering your diet to avoid chewy foods and solids that may potentially cause your porcelain veneers to crack.

How Do I Care For My Smile With Porcelain Veneers?

If you’re a porcelain veneers patient, the dentist will advise that you continue to maintain a strong oral routine so your smile remains stronger for longer.

Here are some tips to consider when looking after your smile with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneer treatment

  • Continue to brush and floss your underlying teeth so they remain healthy and you can preserve bone and gum tissue health
  • Avoid wearing veneers if you’re playing a physical sport
  • Don’t use your teeth to perform dental habits such as packaging or your fingernails.
  • Always keep your mouth clean after a heavy meal
  • Keep drinking water to maintain high levels of saliva in the mouth
  • Avoid consuming alcohol

Ensure that you continue to keep your underlying teeth clean, otherwise, the bonding material placed between your natural teeth and the veneers may become loose, causing the veneers to fall out.

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